• Micron pumps out 256GB solid-state drives

    Welcome to the era of no moving parts. Micron is preparing 256GB solid state drives for use in laptops and mini PCs and expect to have working models available in the next year. No pricing, but the drives use 2.5 watts when active and require limited cooling, ensuring your mini notebook won’t fry your lap. SSD manufacturers have been on a learning curve, Klein said. “One of the… Read More

  • Sandisk rags on Vista for not being SSD-ready

    While I’m never the first to jump on Vista for this or that problem (I’m guessing it’ll be a great OS in a couple years), this is pretty dumb. Larger capacity solid state disks are in the works and, being more complicated internally, will require a more sophisticated controller. You don’t think about your hard drive controller that much, and that’s probably… Read More

  • Samsung producing 128GB SSDs

    Samsung’s just announced that its 128GB solid state drive “is now in volume production.” We’ll likely see them available in the coming months, but it’ll be really interesting to see what they’ll be priced at. In case you hadn’t noticed, SSDs aren’t exactly affordable in any substantial quantity yet. The 128GB of storage, though, finally puts… Read More

  • Maybe SSDs do save battery life after all

    You may remember a story a little while back suggesting that SSDS did not in fact save battery power. Well, that really pulled the tail of the great cat “The Internet,” resulting in heavy criticism of the testers’ methods. People feel that the higher-end SSDs may have been using more power, but the tests ignored that their higher capacities meant they would do more work… Read More

  • Apple drops price of SSD MacBook Air by $500

    Apple has dropped the price of its solid state drive MacBook Air by $500. Now, the useless laptop equipped with a solid state drive can be had for the low, low price of $2,598. That’s with a 1.8GHz Core 2 Duo processor. Note that the upgrade price from the 1.6GHz to 1.8GHz has also dropped, from $300 to $200. Not that solid state drives save you any battery power, mind you. via AppleInsider Read More

  • High-End SSD in an Eee basically doubles performance

    You may have seen the teardown of an Eee 1000H a week ago. That was cool and it also revealed that the hard drive was trivially easy to replace. Of course, the 5400RPM, 80GB drive was never meant as a performance piece, more a cost and energy saver than anything. But if you could replace it with something awesome, why wouldn’t you? And that’s just what these guys did. They took… Read More

  • Toshiba announces speedier 1.8-inch HDDs by August

    Toshiba has announced an upcoming speed increase to its line of 1.8-inch hard drives typically found in UMPCs, subnotebooks, netbooks, and various other small computing devices. In August, Toshiba will begin shipping 80GB and 160GB hard drives running at 5,400RPM to manufacturers. Current 1.8-inch drives top out at 4,200RPM. The storage capacities offered by the 160GB MK1617GSG and… Read More

  • Western Digital: Screw it, we're going to 20,000RPM

    We’re still very much in a storage transitionary period here, what with platter-based HDDs being so big and affordable and SSDs creeping up on them both in size and performance-wise. Western Digital isn’t giving up on the HDD yet — they think there’s still a little bite left in that old hound. But they’re giving it a boost. WD is hard at work on a freaky new… Read More

  • ExperCom to retrofit MacBook, MacBook Pro with SSD

    I certainly don’t care to have an SSD in my MBP, but if you’re really itching to get one in your MB or MBP then give Expercom a call and they’ll take care of it for you. Of course, you’ll be paying out the wazoo for a 60GB or 120GB SSD. Your two options are to send your rig into Expercom, or purchase a 15-inch MBP with a 2.4GHz proc/2GB RAM/120GB SSD for $2,649 or a… Read More

  • Intel thinks it's time to take SSD mainstream, bundles it with Centrinos

    SSDs are starting to make their big debut, and I for one welcome our new solid-state overlords. We’ve already seen these in a few high-end laptops and of course all those subnotebooks, but for the most part, mainstream laptops still rely on HDDs. It seems Intel is making a push this year to include SSDs in Centrino-based laptops, and although capacity and performance are becoming less of… Read More

  • Speed Test: Solid state drives from DV Nation

    I recently got the chance to test out a few solid state drives sent to me by Texas-based DV Nation. I tried a super fast MemoRight GT 32GB 2.5-inch SSD, and two 32GB Mtron SSDs, one 3.5-inch and one 2.5-inch. I also tested a standard desktop and a standard laptop hard drive to see how they stacked up. Here’s what I found. Read More

  • Memoright's solid state drives annihilate every hard drive out there

    Solid state drives have always excelled in power economy and heat levels, but have faltered in the price-to-performance ratio, and even lagged behind in sheer performance by some measures. That last complaint is valid no longer. Memoright’s high-speed drives operate at far higher speeds than other SSDs on the market, and show nearly double the performance of the closest competitors in… Read More

  • Make your own solid-state drive from this thing and some CF cards

    Cool. It’s still a little rich for my blood, but if you can figure out how to hot-swap the CF cards without losing data, this could be an awesome little gadget. It’s got a SATA interface, but you could probably rig it up to sit outside the computer so you can pop in new pairs of cards whenever you need to. It’s difficult to say whether it’s practical at this point. Read More

  • Claim: This is the world's thinnest 256MB SSD

    [photopress:FSD56GC25H.jpg,full,right] Super Talent Technology claims that this solid state drive (SSD) is the world’s thinnest, with a capacity of 256MB. Does that really matter to us in any practical sense? Probably not, no, but it’s always fun to look at these “most/biggest/bestest” deals. The FSD56GC25H (easy to remember!) can double as a SATA hard drive thanks to… Read More

  • Notebook flash drives found to have high failure rates

    According to an analyst’s recent visit to Asia, a certain unnamed computer manufacturer is seeing a 10-20% failure rate of notebooks with solid state drives. CNET’s Michael Kanellos posits that it’s probably Dell, since it’s “so far the manufacturer that has promoted flash drives in notebooks the most.” Apparently Samsung’s got a solid state drive in… Read More

  • OCZ putting Samsung 64GB SSDs on retail shelves

    Keep it on the down low, but it looks like OCZ has is using Samsung as a source for its 32GB and 64GB SATA II drives. I guess that’s not really that much of a shock. But it’s good news, because OCZ will actually be making these things available naked to consumers, as opposed to Samsung, which has most of its drives locked up in notebooks and such. So if you’re an early… Read More

  • Samsung says SSD memory is just fine, quit talking about it

    [photopress:samsung_1_8_inch_ssd_2_small.jpg,full,center] There are some shady rumors going around that SSD memory might be sketchy. The rumors say that after 100,000 writes, the RAM starts to fail. Not so, says Samsung’s Michael Yang. He wants you to know that it might start to fail after 100,000 writes to every single cell in the chip, something that would be virtually… Read More

  • Fast 128GB solid state drives coming in April

    Solid state drive capacity and availability continues to grow with the announcement of Mtron’s 128GB 1.8-inch SSD. It’ll have maximum read/write speeds of 120MBps and 100MBps, respectively, and will be targeted at UMPC devices. It’s got a PATA interface, so it can replace most existing notebook hard drives pretty easily. And with the 6X speed bump and half the power… Read More

  • Mossburg: MacBook Air's SSD option isn't worth the price

    We all like the MacBook Air. Well, most of us. I don’t. But if you’re thinking of getting one, and waffling between the HDD and SSD drives, go with the HDD. And don’t take my word for it, take uncle Walt Mossburg’s. His crew ran a series of tests on a standard hard drive-based Air and on a solid state drive-based Air, and found the SSD doesn’t make that much… Read More

  • CloudBook to be upgraded in short order: SSD, touchscreens, colors!

    [photopress:girlycloudbook.jpg,full,center] I knew it. I told you people, and nobody wanted to listen. I said that the next great tech battleground would be in tiny, ultra-portable PCs and everyone laughed. Well chuckle no more, hombres, because the upgrades coming to the Everex CloudBooks could just start things off with a bang. The director of marketing for Everex says that the next rendition… Read More