• Toshiba to roll out world's first notebook with 512GB SSD

    SSDs are picking up steam in the computer market (although there were some bad news), and so it comes as no surprise that today Toshiba announced the world’s first laptop featuring their self-developed 512GB SSD [JP]. The Dynabook SS RX2/WAJ went on sale in Japan today already and costs $4,000. Read More

  • Corsair releases 256GB Solid State Drive

    Whoa heavy and a bottle of bread! Corsair just released a 256GB SSD SATA II 3.0Gbps drive for $660 *head spins like wolf in cartoons that has just been clobbered by a mallet*. That’s right. This bugger is $658.22 at NCIX and is in stock. For something a little more sane you can rock their 128GB drive for $299 but who wants to go all chintzy when we’re talking a lump of storage so… Read More

  • Warning: Your SSD will slow down like a 3.5-inch floppy

    Did you know that solid state drives could suffer from fragmentation and slowdowns? SSDs are basically huge chunks of ultrafast flash memory designed for massive data storage. There are no moving parts but as you read and write to the disks, the quality and speed degrades over time. Read More

  • Western Digital acquires SiliconSystems, finally enters SSD territory

    It was only a matter of time before Western Digital dipped their manicured toes into the SSD pool. And today WD announced their cash buyout of SiliconSystems out of Aliso Veijo, CA. The $65 million cash acquisition has been around since 2002 and has a full range of storage solutions, but going forward they’ll be known as the WD Solid-State Storage business unit. It’s about time WD… Read More

  • ioDrive Duo – the fastest SSD setup currently available

    Fusion-io announced today the ioDrive Duo, which is currently being touted as the fastest SSD solution available. The drive is available in capacities of up to 640gig, with a transfer rate of 1.5 gigabytes per-second. Intended more for the enterprise and server market, the ioDrive is designed to be used more in a RAID-1 setup for optimal performance. Read More

  • New SSDs by Intel from Kingston

    So they’re not really new. Just Intel SSDs with a Kingston SSDNow on them. Kingston hopes that speed and reliability from Intel products coupled with Kingston distribution and a 3 year warranty with 24/7 support will be a good combination. Read More

  • New Samsung Enterprise SSD

    Samsung has unleashed a new type of solid state drive today. It is a 100 GB SSD targeted at server applications where 15K rpm HDDs are traditionally used. Read on for more details and the full press release. Read More

  • G-DRIVE external SSD for the mac addict

    There’s SSD and there are external hard drives. Why not make an external SSD? So G-Technology released a set of external SSD today. Apparently these drives are for professionals who need fast and reliable storage that looks like a small communist era gas convector. Only they wont keep you warm and cost you a lot more money. Read More

  • Low-cost SSDs now shipping from RunCore

    SSDs are slowing becoming available to geeks on a budget and the latest from RunCore carry attractive prices. Read More

  • Buffalo LinkStation 240GB SSD

    It seems like the price/value ratio of the SSD drives is slowly improving. The Buffalo LS-WSS240GL/R1 costs about 1200$ and has an appealing 240GB of storage. It provides USB, RAID 0, 1 and DLMA/iTunes server capabilities while you can turn the whole thing off when you turn your computer off. Don’t get too excited although because the 240GB is actually two 120GB SSD’s next to… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 32GB SSD for $29.99 after rebate

    Hey, look at this deal! You can see what all the SSD fuss is about for just thirty bucks after a $60 mail-in rebate. Tiger Direct has the 32GB OCZ SATA II 2.5-inch solid state drive for $89.99 with a $60 mail-in rebate. The rebate deal is good until 11/30 – that’s tomorrow — so you’ll have to be relatively nimble if you want to see that $60 ever again. The rebate… Read More

  • Ooh, a 256GB SSD from Micron is on the way

    Another manufacturer has thrown its hat into the ever expanding, fantastically dull realm of solid state drive development. This time it’s Micron, which today announced that it plans to release a 256GB SSD early next year. And just to keep things interesting, Micron claims, while puffing its chest out and standing on its tippy toes, that its 256GB SSD can read data at 250MBps, to… Read More

  • Samsung joins the 256GB SSD crowd

    Just a few months after letting loose their 128GB SSD, Samsung is joining Micron and Toshiba in the exclusive Quartergig Solid club in South _____shire (that’s for all the Austen fans). The new drive boasts read speeds up to 220MB/s and writes up to 200MB/s, which makes it half-faster than the Microns and way faster than the Toshibas. Expect to see these all over the place soon. Read More

  • 32GB, 64GB SSD modules for your Eee PC on sale soon

    Should 4GB or 8GB prove to be too small for your Eee PC needs, Green House in Japan has two larger capacity modules that may interest you. There’s a 32GB and 64GB module, and they just slip right into your Eee PC. Due for release later this month, there’s no official price. That is, the price is listed as “open” on the Green House Web site, though AkihabaraNews… Read More

  • Server SSD hard drives coming from Samsung

    Give your server a shot in the arm with a Samsung Server SSD drive. The 32 and 64GB hard drives were designed to hit lightning fast 100MB/s in reading and 80MB/s during reading speeds. No word on individual pricing, but you can pick up an HP ProLiant Blade server with these drives right now. BTW, if you do get one of these drives, how about making a similar video to this one with your new… Read More

  • Toshiba drops a 256GB laptop SSD hard drive

    Toshiba just stepped up to the SSD plate and knocked one out of the park with its 256GB solid-state hard drive. The laptop drive is understandably small, but also quick with 128MB maximum read speed and 70MB write speed via 3Gbps SATA interface. Mass production of the drive should start sometime in the coming months and should hit the consumer market shortly after that with a yet to be… Read More

  • Intel now shipping 80GB solid state drives

    Intel might as well just build entire computers. Make the whole thing one big system-on-a-chip, huh? The company recently announced some solid state drives; the 1.8-inch X18-M and the 2.5-inch X25-M. Both drives are currently available in 80GB capacities, with 160GB versions expected later this year. Intel claims that the multi-level cell drives are good for up to 250MB per second read speeds… Read More

  • Samsung has cheapie SSDs coming your way

    One of the biggest obstacles in the uptake of SSDs is the price, as I’m sure you, sir, are well aware. We keep hearing about the benefits of SSDs, but how many of us have flash-based storage outside of our mp3 players? It’s just not cost-effective — yet. Predictably, Samsung wants to change that. They’re introducing a line of low-capacity SSDs that are… Read More

  • Attack of the 50 foot Roundup of Solid-State Drives

    The guys from Tom’s Hardware have a lot of time and solid-state drives on their hands. They compiled a list of 14 SSDs and compared them. In the end, they feel (just like I do), that SSD isn’t really the best choice right now. The technology is still too new and expensive, so the benefits do not justify the cost — yet. If you’re dying to know and really don’t want… Read More

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