• NFC-ready! Smart payments startups ACT and sQuid see £53.3m merger

    There’s a lot of excitement (and hype) at the moment around smart payment solutions, not least in relation to the potential of NFC now that mobile operating systems and handsets are finally supporting the technology. As a result, VC money for startups in the space has been coming thick and fast, while the likes of Silicon Valley-based Jumio and Boku have been getting plenty of… Read More

  • Digital Contents Expo Tokyo: Giant squid robot Ikabo (video)

    The Future University (cool name) in Hakodate, Northern Japan, presented the Ikabo, a giant squid robot at the Digital Contents Expo in Tokyo (that ended on Sunday). Not only is the robot tall (2.2m), cute and pretty heavy (weight: 200kg), but it also mimics your hand movements via Wii motion controllers. Read More

  • Name that Squid

    Thanks to the amazing Bryce Durbin, we’re lucky enough to have our own jolly mascot, the Blue Squid or Blue Goo or Whatever You Want to Call Him. However, the poor soul doesn’t have a name. In an effort to remedy that, we’re asking you, readers, to send us your best names for the Blue Goo. Creativity is a plus – write the proposed name on a birthday cake, on a shirt, or… Read More