• Spy on your loved ones' cellphone messages with this SIM card reader

    Why trust your wife, husband, friends, etc. when you can spy on them? With this USB-based SIM card reader you’re able to read/write the contents of any SIM, including deleted text messages. The company behind it claims it’s a way to keep tabs on your target in case you suspect them of any wrongdoing. You know, rather than being an adult and confronting them about your… Read More

  • Exploit makes iPhone a Spyphone*

    Now this is scary. That iPhone in your pocket just might be your worst enemy. Ultranerd Rik Farrow, at the behest of Fast Company, has discovered a way to trick iPhone users into downloading malware to the handset. The application then allows the owner of the app to own the phone, and allows them to also intercept any text, email, or voice conversation you have. Thus your iPhone becomes a… Read More