• After spying on social media, UK spy agency GCHQ officially joins Twitter

    After spying on social media, UK spy agency GCHQ officially joins Twitter

    GCHQ, the UK spy agency which specializes in garnering intelligence from communications, has officially joined Twitter — posting a “Hello, world” inaugural tweet from its blue check verified account. Read More

  • Who needs privacy? 56,000 photos taken in Philly school district kerfuffle

    This MacBook-spying story could be the creepiest story in quite some time. We already know the allegations: that the school district provided MacBooks to its students, but then took photos of the students without their knowledge or consent. Now we’re getting numbers. One student claims he was photographed more than 400 times, and now it has emerged that, over a period of two years… Read More

  • Thanko's Spy Flashlight records video in HD (video)

    It looks like Tokyo-based acessory maker Thanko is trying to carve out a new niche for themselves, spy gadgets (apart from insane USB gadgets). The newest addition to their spy equipment lineup is the LED Spy Light HD [JP], an LED flashlight that records video in HD. Needless to say, the device lets you shoot photos, too. Read More

  • Thanko's Spy Button Camera gets an upgrade

    Tokyo-based USB gadget maker Thanko gave us a video camera button last July, which was basically a mini camera for your shirt or jacket that could be used for secretly recording video. And today the company started selling the second version [JP] of the Spy Button Camera whose main new feature is the sound recording function. Read More

  • Unassuming cap sports hidden camcorder

    Pardon me, miss? I’d just like to tell you that I think your hat is fly. Dope, even. Too bad you’ll never remember my face. Memorize it now and then lose me forever. Unless, of course, you’ve somehow got a camcorder hidden in that thing! That’s unlikely, as your hat is far too stylish to be a technology product. Read More

  • Trust issues? This tiny clock has a built-in video camera

    And now to finally get to the bottom of WHO DRANK MY LAST TAB?! This unassuming little clock tells the time and tells you who’s been breaking into your house at night to eat multiple peanut butter, lettuce, and pastrami sandwiches. It’s definitely not you sleepwalking. Read More

  • Fake car key shoots photos and video, makes people think you drive a VW

    Secretly taking photos of people is sort of easy to do with a cell phone but it’s probably even easier to do with a Volkswagen-style car key. For $66, Brando will be more than happy to sell you one too. Read More

  • Just what TF2 needed: a female Scout and building disguises for the Spy

    Team Fortress 2 has a huge following. And it should. It rocks. But it might be getting a tad stale to those that play it hours everyday. (me) That’s why developers crank out killer mods like these two. The video above (might be NSFW – lots of up-skirt, panty shots) shows a nearly completed female Scout mod that will soon have everything from custom taunts to an appropriate voice. Read More

  • GSM spy ear! Dial in from anywhere!

    Cease and desist letter be damned! Your woman is cheating on you with that Blood Efl!! Put a spy ear in her room! She talks to him! You hear! You go crazy! You go to jail! 65 dollars! Jail is fun because you’ll have time to read! Read More

  • Chemical fingerprint detector can also read a letter off of anything it touched

    Anyone want to start a pool on when this will be featured on CSI? I’m guessing within 4 months. Apparently Disulfur Dinitride, quite a simple chemical compound, turns nearly undetectable traces of fingerprints brown and may be more effective than current techniques of taping, dusting, or treating and exposing to UV or whatnot (I don’t know — what am I, a private… Read More

  • Military plans to shoot rogue satellite out of the sky

    [photopress:satshoot.jpg,full,center] We’re gonna shoot that rogue satellite out of the sky. How clutch is that? Yup, the president just gave the go-ahead to knock that now-broken satellite right out of the sky. The satellite, which the military hasn’t had control of since its launch in December 2006, is predicted to fall back to Earth the first week of March. Rather than risk… Read More