spy gadgets

  • Thanko's Spy Pen Shoots HD Video, Detects Motion

    Tokyo-based USB accessory maker Thanko has updated one of its coolest spy gadgets, the so-called Slim Video Pen HD [JP]. As the name suggests, it’s a pen that houses a micro camera to shoot video in HD, namely in 1,280×960 resolution (and at 30fps). Read More

  • Thanko's USB Video Necktie With Built-in Spy Camera

    It took them 1.5 years, but it’s out now: Tokyo-based USB gadget maker Thanko finally released an update to their spy necktie [JP] with built-in micro camera. Just wear the tie (you’ll even get a fitting handkerchief and cufflinks) and press the button on the mini remote to start shooting video. Read More