spy camera

  • Thanko rolls out not one but two spy cams

    Tokyo-based USB gadget maker today started selling two spy cameras, the so-called Camera Cap [JP] and the LED Spy Light [JP]. While it’s a bit of a stretch to call the latter a spy accessory, the bizarre cap can surely be used for undercover reconnaissance and other shenanigans. As to be expected, both gadgets are kind of silly and powered by USB. Read More

  • Thanko gives you the Spy Button Camera (plus a golden ring as the remote control)

    Thanko, specialists of all things USB, brought us many good things in the past. Camera-wise, the Tokyo-based company rolled out a water-proof mini camera, a USB necktie with a built-in camera, not one but two video watches and (just recently) an HDV camera. But these fantastic devices had one flaw: They were small, but not small enough. Reason enough for Thanko to announce the video camera… Read More

  • Thanko presents USB video necktie with built-in spy camera

    Crunchgear’s favorite gadget maker, Tokyo-based Thanko, shines again. This time the USB specialists came up with a tie that’s not your normal tie [JP]. No, it’s a tie equipped with a nearly invisible mini camera. And Thanko throws in a tiny remote control, too. Read More

  • Thanko sells wrist watch with integrated spy camera

    Thanko, the pioneer in disruptive technology, is rolling out one innovative product after another. After announcing the teddy bear-shaped gloves yesterday, the Tokyo-based company today unveiled an analog wrist watch that features a built-in video camera. The so-called VIDEO CAMERA Analog Watch looks totally normal from the outside (weight: 80g) but is able to record 2 hours of video through… Read More