• Toward a Better Digg

    Digg revolutionized social news when it launched in 2004. Since then, it has become the undisputed champ of news link ranking sites. They just recently crossed the million mark. And their influence goes far beyond those user registration numbers. Tangible evidence of Digg’s importance: the raw number of clones and Digg gaming schemes out there. We’ve seen rigging, vote buying… Read More

  • Spotback Launches Their "Rate Everything" Widget

    News site Spotback has created a new widget that lets blogs and other sites gather user ratings on each piece of content. The product has launched on a few test sites, and will be available for anyone who wants to use it soon. The original Spotback, like the ill fated Findory, is a customized news site that pushes stories to you based on what you’ve clicked on (and rated) previously. Read More

  • Spotback news site gets even better

    Israeli personalized news site Spotback released upgrades to its interface and a couple of new features. If you missed our initial review back in May, this is a good time to check out the site. As a personalized news page, Spotback learns from your clicks and ratings to automatically prioritize news sources and items over time. It competes primarily with Findory on personalization and a long… Read More

  • A New Look at Personalized News

    Israeli startup Spotback, which I’ve been tracking for a while, will launch tonight (Monday) at 10 PM PST. Spotback is a personalized news portal that learns from user behavior over time to deliver the news that’s just right for them. Web 2.0 news sites usually fall into one of two categories. Sites like Digg and Newsvine take user feedback and actions to affect what the entire… Read More

  • Lunch In Israel: six startups, a VC and a blogger

    Last Sunday I attended an ad hoc tech lunch in Tel Aviv, Israel to meet six great web 2.0 startups there. Attending were founders from I4giveu, Maxthon, Raw Sugar, Spotback, Triplay and Yedda. Daniel Cohen from Gemini Israel Funds, Ouriel Ohayon (TechCrunch France author) and other tech enthusiasts were there as well. We had a great meal and a great discussion. My pictures from the event are up… Read More