• ‘Paranormal Activity’ director Oren Peli launches a new social app

    ‘Paranormal Activity’ director Oren Peli launches a new social app

    Oren Peli, who wrote and directed the enormously successful film Paranormal Activity, is launching a new iOS and Android app designed to help users create, find and join local events. Spot‘s launch might be doubly surprising — not only is Peli launching an app, but it seems like an odd idea to come from someone best known for horror movies (he also produced the Paranormal… Read More

  • Boston Dynamics CEO Marc Raibert demos the Spot at Disrupt

    Boston Dynamics CEO Marc Raibert demos the Spot at Disrupt

    The audience at Disrupt got a surprise visit from Boston Dynamics’ Spot robot. While the company’s YouTube channel is quite popular, it’s even more impressive to see one of Boston Robotics’ robots in action. Boston Dynamics founder and CEO Marc Raibert got interviewed by TechCrunch’s Brian Heater. The two of them spent some time commenting on a video of the… Read More

  • Spot launches to help users share recommendations on local gems and travel tips

    Spot launches to help users share recommendations on local gems and travel tips

    Spot, a startup that says it can help you find “the best places in the world,” is launching to the public. The company emerged from “startup studio” Expa. It’s also announcing today that it has raised $2 million in seed funding from Expa, SV Angel, Ram Shriram, Tim Ferriss, Fenwick & West and others. When I spoke to general manager Luke Groesbeck last summer… Read More

  • Spot Taps Experts And Friends To Recommend The Best Restaurants, Shops And More

    Spot Taps Experts And Friends To Recommend The Best Restaurants, Shops And More

    Startup studio Expa is unveiling its newest company today — Spot, which promises to help users to find “the best places in the world.” In other words, Spot will deliver personalized recommendations for things like restaurants, bars, stores, hotels and more. You can use it as a guide when you’re traveling, or to explore your home city. Read More

  • A spot for your earphones

    For $13, you can purchase Spot for Earphones, a simple little solution for managing the long cord on your MP3 player’s headphones. It’s certainly a lot more expensive than the perennial Altoids tin earbud case, but it’s a good bit more functional, too. The integrated clip allows you to attach the Spot to any piece of clothing or accessory to keep it handy but out of the way. Read More

  • DeLorme announces Earthmate PN-60w, a satellite messaging GPS unit

    So you’re trapped in the high mountains of Tibet with only your wits and a slice of beef jerky between you and certain death. What do you do? Why not text your friends “WIZARD NEED FUD BADLY LOL!” on the DeLorme Earthmate PN-60w. This device is a portable GPS unit with a built-in keyboard. It supports SPOT satellite messaging technology – apparently unrelated to… Read More

  • SPOT watches dead

    Sorry, SPOT fans. MSN Direct is no longer adding SPOT technology to watches and is essentially scrapping the Smart Watch program. The project has been dying a slow death for years now and with the addition of MSN Direct to GPS and Mobile devices it seems they’re focusing on using the network for more powerful products. SPOT service will still be transmitted to the watches, but no new… Read More

  • SPOT outdoors GPS device sends txt messages of your location to friends, family

    [photopress:spotspotspot.jpg,full,center] My idea of camping includes walking through Union Square to get to the subway, but I know plenty of y’all enjoy roughing it. While sleeping under the stars, though, it’s best to put safety first by letting your friends and well-wishers know exactly where you are. That idea—keeping your friends and family abreast of your current… Read More

  • Quick look at the SPOT communicator

    The SPOT is a handheld GPS device that communicates via satellite to call for help or just check in with loved ones. The orange device reports your current position and lets you map your trek on Google Maps when you get back to civilization. The little device is actually pretty cool and comes in blaze orange for hunters and hikers. We’ll have a full hands on later but until then it… Read More

  • Gadget Spotter: Bloody iPod Edition

    Ooo! So gruesome. How could they do that?! I’m starting a new feature on weekends called Gadget Spotter. Basically, I’m going to put my obsessive TV watching to good use. Every weekend, I’ll post some screen caps of gadgets used in action on various TV shows the previous week. It’s up to you to give me the name of the show, who is using it and the make/model of the device. Read More

  • CES 2007: Dear Diary…Hump Day Part Two

    It’s been a long friggin’ week, but I’m in the home stretch now. Just four meetings left: Cyberlink, Toshiba, Linksys and Microsoft’s SPOT group. If you’ve bought a new Windows computer in the past few years or installed a new optical drive or graphics card in your PC, there’s a very good chance you have some bit of Cyberlink’s software on your… Read More

  • Melitta Smart Brew: Coffee and Weather, Fresh Each Morning

    I love coffee. I love gadgets. I like coffee gadgets. There are several high-end, fancy-pants coffee makers in the world, but the Melitta ME1MSB Smart Brew adds something more than sweet, sweet caffeine to your morning: a weather report. The Smart Brew features an LCD display on the side, which, besides coffee information and alarm settings, displays the weather forcast via SPOT technology (you… Read More