Facebook Acquires SportStream To Increase Sports Chatter By Providing News Outlets With Cleaner Data

Facebook wants more users talking about sports on it instead of Twitter, so today it announced the acquisition of SportStream, a startup that analyzes social media mentions of sports and provides clea

Facebook Picks SportStream To Beef Up Its Real-Time Sports Data For News Outlets

You post "Goal!!!!11!!" but who scored? Facebook's on a drive to host more sports talk and get its trends shown on the news, so today it's partnering with SportStream to structure, enhance, and make s

Spun Out Of Evri With $3.5M From Paul Allen, SportStream Brings Its Social Sports Platform To The iPad

The Web is noisier than ever before. Content is being produced en masse, in realtime, making it increasingly difficult to separate the signal from the noise. <a target="_blank" href="http://www.evri.c

Evri Launches SportStream Apps To Bring Realtime, Social Sports News To Your Mobile Devices

<a target="_blank" href="">Evri</a>, the realtime content discovery engine, <a href="">acquired Radar Networks early