Spore reviews are in, Editor's Choice awards all-around

I may not understand the appeal of Spore but our very own Greglet (Greg Kumparak) had this to say, No matter what anyone says, Spore will be successful. It’ll sell a shit ton of copies, and eat

Video: Developers nerd out over Spore: Civilization Stage

The Spore coverage doesn’t stop for Team CG, no, sir. I’m trying to wrap my brain around this game, but I’m currently pre-occupied by Team Fortress 2 and Portal. What’s the big

Spore: Galactic Edition unboxed

Whoo! With just about 2 weeks left before we’ll all be roaming the Spore universe as questionably shaped creatures of our own design, I’m finally letting myself get excited about this game

CrunchDeals: Pre-order Spore from Frys

Everyone’s favorite yet to be released game is up for pre-order at Frys for $41.99. This one is for the PC and Mac, but you can pre-order other versions as well. Thanks for the tip, Dylan!

EA considering Spore downloadable content: Yes, you'd have to pay for it

EA would love to be able to sell you Spore parts in the future. Heads, arms, planets, etc. This isn’t surprising given EA’s history, but it’s fodder enough for anti-EA zealots to fre

Video: Will Wright explains why you'll play Spore, even if you say you won't

http://www.gametrailers.com/remote_wrap.php?mid=35821 Do you want to see a video of Will Wright explaining Spore for the 80 billionth time? Yes you do. While I’m not about to ask Wright to pee o

You must try the Spore Creature Creator today! (I already made John Biggs!)

Click To Play Has everyone tried the Spore Creature Creator yet? EA released it to the general public yesterday—apparently I had a preview password to play with it a little early—and I&#82

More info on iSpore

We’re waiting on more info, but here’s what we have so far: The Spore shown at the SDK event was the result of two weeks of work by the EA team. EA is the first 3rd party game developer to

Spore as a cult (or, the media's strange love for the game)

[photopress:sporecult.jpg,full,center] All the positive press that Spore is getting hasn’t phased the gentlemen over at Penny-Arcade, who are skeptical of the game’s quality. It “pre

Spore gets September 7 release date

[photopress:spore.jpg,full,center]When it was first announced like 100 Internet years ago, Spore sounded exciting. A game with a revolutionary new form of AI that evolves as you play it looked to good

Spore Not Delayed, Still On Track for Spring 2008

It was all just a big misunderstanding, that’s all. Yesterday’s news suggesting that Will Wright’s Spore had been axed was the product of “misinformation.” An EA rep phon

Spore About To Become Vaporware

‘Tis a shame, but it’s nothing new in the software industry. Will Wright’s highly-anticipated Spore has now been postponed yet again and is looking like it’ll never be released

Spore Developer Bashes Nintendo

Since Blake is apparently taking a cat nap and watching COLT flicks at GDC, I’d like to bring something to your attention. They had a round of talks at GDC called “Burning Mad – A Ga

Vaporware 2006

Wired this morning released its annual vaporware list. It features several new entries from the likes of SED TVs, Will Wright, Skype and more. But, of course, what would a vaporware list be without th