• EA's Spore Evolves Once More, Launches On Facebook

    Electronic Arts has brought its very popular Spore franchise to Facebook, with the launch of a new game called Spore Islands. The game, while thematically similar to the well known PC game that was released last year, has gameplay that’s entirely different. Rather than roaming around a 3D world, Spore for Facebook is more of a stategy game: you tweak your creature and then watch how… Read More

  • Oh dear: There will be a movie based on the game Spore

    Here’s the latest movie based on a video game that’s sure to be horrendous: Spore will be turned into a movie, ladies and gentlemen! Only five people will be allowed in the theaters at a time in order to prevent piracy, jkjk! Read More

  • EA announces further plans to milk Spore dry

    Remember when we were all excited for like three years when Spore was being developed? I remember watching that first GDC video of Will Wright demoing Spore, and nearly falling out of my chair when he went interstellar. How things have changed. Read More

  • EA to release games on Valve's Steam completely free of DRM

    Not only are EA games going to be released on Steam henceforth—in and of itself a big deal—but the games will be totally free of DRM. It seems the largest video games publisher has learned its lesson, and the hard way: legitimate gamers (that is, non-pirates) want nothing to do with digital rights management. Read More

  • Two lawsuits against EA, one might have merit

    Poor, wretched EA. First they have to make 600 staff walk the plank, and now they’re being sued all over the place. There are a lot of hackles raised by SecuROM’s secondary effects, like disabling certain drives or legitimate software. A commenter pointed out this page, which lists the current lawsuits (there are four) against EA on this subject. The most compelling one has to be… Read More

  • Harry Connick, Jr. on Spore

    Conan O’Brien  You’re going to get mad and throw the joystick panel. It’s going to rap around and go…It’s going to be the end of you. Harry Connick, Jr. Did you just say, “joystick panel”? via Kotaku Read More

  • Spore now has cuboid planets – just like real life

    Will Wright expressed some regret that Spore turned out to be less simulation than toybox. His original vision was less cutesy and more scientifically accurate (it’s been accused of covertly approving of intelligent design). Well, looks like somebody didn’t get the memo! These cubic planets are allegedly the result of a new patch (1.02 if you must know), and are possibly intended… Read More

  • Will Wright says he should have been more involved in DRM planning for Spore

    Will Wright, the brains behind Spore, Civilization and The Sims, finally spoke his mind yesterday about the now infamous Spore-DRM brouhaha. It’s a strange reaction, I think. It [the DRM] was something I probably should have tuned into more. It was a corporate decision to go with DRM on Spore… I think one of the most valid concerns about it was you could only install it so many times. Read More

  • EA's CEO on Spore: I hate DRM but it's here to stay

    It’s hard to exaggerate just how much EA’s CEO, John Riccitiello, misses the point here. I personally don’t like DRM. It interrupts the user experience. We would like to get around that. But there is this problem called piracy out there. That’s what he said at some hoity-toity media conference, referencing the Spore-DRM brouhaha. First, the pedantic… Read More

  • Spore expansion set for November; let the chiseling begin

    As visionary as Will Wright is, I think Spore has been compromised by his commercial sensibilities — or those of Maxis’ marketers. An interesting article in this month’s Seed suggests that the game was originally less commercially viable than it is now, and the original vision was muddied somewhat by the need to reach a wide audience. Unfortunate, but perhaps… Read More

  • EA doesn't think BitTorrent downloads of Spore mean lost sales

    Plenty of people have downloaded Spore using BitTorrent, but EA doesn’t seem too concerned. Because on Earth 2, where EA is apparently based, people downloading torrents of the game doesn’t necessarily mean that the game is being downloaded. Nope, that makes no sense to us, either. Says an EA rep: Stepping aside from the whole issue of DRM, people need to recognize that every… Read More

  • You engineering skill has increased by one point: StarCraft re-created in Spore

    Spore! StarCraft! Korea! It’s a triforce of fun! As you might have already guessed by glancing at that photo, some enterprising folks have re-created vehicles from the hit game StarCraft in Spore, which I have never played in my life. Not having played the game, I can’t really evaluate the authenticity of the re-creations, but they certainly look convincing. Bravo to the team… Read More

  • EA facing class action lawsuit over Spore DRM

    And now Electronic Arts has a class action lawsuit on its hands. Hell hath no fury like Spore fans scorned. The publisher is accused of violating two laws relating to the game’s DRM. The suit claims that EA installs SecuROM without notifying consumers. Then the suit lists SecuROM’s crimes, including the fact that it’s damn near impossible to uninstall. It also claims that… Read More

  • EA to address Spore’s DRM concerns

    In light of thousands upon thousands of irate DRM-hating gamers, Electronic Arts has announced that it’ll be issuing a patch to the game that’ll allow people to de-authorize certain computers. Currently, the game is only able to be activated on up to three machines. If you replace one of those machines, you’ll have to call up EA, proof of purchase at hand, and plead your case… Read More

  • Spore And The Great DRM Backlash

    If we can learn anything from the troubled launch of Spore, a videogame many people have been looking forward to for years, it is that binding products with digital rights management (DRM) restrictions hurts more than it helps. Spore, designed by Sims creator Will Wright, went on sale a week ago. It is expected to sell 2 million copies in September alone, and is currently the No. 3… Read More

  • Anti-Spore Web site calls the game an attack on Christianity for teaching evolution

    I’m starting to think this anti-Spore site is merely a prank. It’s worded too perfectly to be On The Real™. Right, so even though Spore has been favorably reviewed (despite the DRM uproar), a pious Christian is taking the game to task for promoting “biggest attack on Christian values to date.” Ok, terrific! The site, faithfully titled Anti-Spore, slams Will… Read More

  • Spore incompatible with older MacBooks

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but if your MacBook is equipped with an Intel GMA 950 graphics chipset then you’re SOL. If you’re unsure then go to “About This Mac” and trickle down to the “Graphics/Displays” tab. If you have a GMA X3100 or a MacBook Pro then you’re okay. However, if you’re running Boot Camp then things seem to be fine. Read More

  • ‘Spore’ gets walloped on Amazon thanks to DRM

    How about that? It seems that people don’t like DRM. The highly-anticipated “Spore” has been released to a mob of angry customers, thanks to digital rights management that basically limits the game to being installed on a total of three different computers. So let’s say that Spore is one of your favorite games and you play it year after year, new computer after new… Read More

  • Spore cracked, already all over BitTorrent

    Will Wright’s Spore officially comes out on Tuesday, and it’s already raking in the positive press. But perhaps you want to play the game this weekend, what do you do then? You turn to BitTorrent, of course. Release group RELOADED cracked the game’s SecureROM encryption, and now the game’s all over the usual sites: The Pirate Bay, Mininova, etc. (I probably… Read More

  • Spore reviews are in, Editor's Choice awards all-around

    I may not understand the appeal of Spore but our very own Greglet (Greg Kumparak) had this to say, No matter what anyone says, Spore will be successful. It’ll sell a shit ton of copies, and eat thousands upon thousands of hours that would be better focused on the real world. Gaming editors around the country seem to agree and have given the EA title favorable scores. IGN’s Jason… Read More