• Splitfish's New Shark Controller Looks A Lot Like The Last One

    I’m all for alternative control methods on consoles, and Splitfish has been offering this mouse-nunchuck combo for a while now. They know what’s up. They’re launching a new one at Gamescom, and good for them, but I can’t really figure out what’s new about it. Read More

  • New Splitfish PS3 controllers feature freaky button layout

    I like the Splitfish philosophy. Not everyone wants a dogbone-shaped controller or likes the way the buttons are laid out — personally I’ve never much liked the Dual Shock setup. I’m not saying the Splitfish is the thing for me exactly, but I appreciate having options. The latest, the Dual SFX Evolution, departs from the normal button layout quite a bit: the regular thumb… Read More

  • SplitFish's FPS-specific Dual SFX Frag Pro will be at E3 next week

    E3 starts next week, and while I’ll be celebrating by, I don’t know, listening to Ron and Fez all day long, Peter, Devin, and Greg will be rubbing shoulders with celebrities like Adam Sessler and the girl who used to host “Cheat.” One thing the guys might run into in between chatting up G4 production assistants: SplitFish’s new controllers, the Dual SFX Evolution… Read More

  • Rumor: SplitFish Gameware to reveal Wii-like motion controller at E3 [Update]

    I’m just putting it out there, kids. Look at the zoomed in view of the E3 invite I just got from SplitFish. They don’t make anything that involves two controllers being flailed around. Unless, of course, you’re some sort of magician that can create hard surfaces for the FragFX mouse while you monkey around. Update: See, kids, this is what happens when it’s a slow news… Read More

  • Review: SplitFish FragFX v.2 controller

    Quick Version: So you’re a gamer that splits his or her time between the PC and PlayStation 3, but you really want to make the switch to console full time. And at the same time, you can’t give up the mouse and keyboard combo you’ve grown accustomed to, right? Short of the PlayStation team announcing a mouse and keyboard as an official control scheme, SplitFish’s… Read More