Spinn, the coffee maker for people who are too lazy to learn about coffee

Spinn’s journey started in 2016 with a crowdfunding campaign. It’s come a long way since that time, raising $40 million in freshly brewed venture capital about a year ago, and more recentl

Spinn taps into $40M to create better coffee brewing, discovery experiences

When you are a coffee lover, taste matters, and Spinn is brewing up some fresh funding to bring connected coffee to new customers through its hardware-enabled coffee marketplace.

Spinn’s futuristic coffee maker is now available for pre-order

At Disrupt NY in May we had the pleasure of seeing a very cool hardware startup make its debut on the Battlefield, looking to make waves in an industry very close to my heart (and mouth): coffee. Now

Spinn’s unique coffee brewer brings ‘third wave’ roasters to your countertop

There's no shortage of ways to get a satisfactory caffeine fix these days, and some of them are mighty high-tech. Spinn Coffee's new machine, demonstrated on stage at Disrupt NY today, claims one of t

Introducing the Startup Battlefield companies of Disrupt NY 2016

TechCrunch is pleased to announce the 20 startups selected to participate in the Disrupt NY 2016 Startup Battlefield. Over the next two days, these companies will compete on tech's biggest stage for $

iRiver SPINN up for pre-order, shipping on October 3

We’ve been waiting for the sexy iRiver SPINN for months and finally the gorgeous PMP is shipping Friday. The 8GB flavor carries a $289.99 price while the smaller, but still attractive, 4GB op

IFA preview: iriver P20 media player

IFA is quickly coming up and in standard trade show fashion, some gadgets leak out early. The iriver P20 first made headlines during CES ’08 and that was only a prototype. We’re hoping for

iRiver's Spinn launching, looking gorgeous

I’ve always liked iRiver’s stuff, and even though the iPod Touch gets all the love these days, iRiver is still mighty popular on the other side of the Pacific and I wish I had more chances