• Solus Spinal Fusion Device Looks Evil

    It’s rare to see medical implants that are so important yet so wildly frightening. What you see here is a new implant designed for anterior lumbar fusion, a process designed to reduce lower back pain due to disk degeneration. Read More

  • Shrimp shells may be used to repair spinal injuries, glass can help rebuild bone

    A report released in the Journal of Experimental Biology today talked about how scientists have discovered a way to use chitosan to repair nerve damage. Keep in mind that chitosan is a material made from the shells of shrimp, and is not that far from the shells of insects. Read More

  • Oh My Coccyx!

    If you’re planning to hit the slopes this winter, you might wanna invest in a little spine protection. And POC’s Spine body armor could be the ideal solution to this dilemma. This space-aged-looking spine armor consists of six plates that provide protection for your precious vertebrae. It’s available now for $160. But the fun doesn’t stop with your thoracic and… Read More