This German nonprofit is building an open voice assistant that anyone can use

There have been many attempts at open source AI-powered voice assistants (see Rhasspy, Mycroft and Jasper, to name a few) — all established with the goal of creating privacy-preserving, offline

Will Elon Musk put Twitter on a collision course with global speech regulators?

Elon Musk joked earlier this month that he hoped buying Twitter won’t be too painful for him. But the self-proclaimed “free speech absolutist” may indeed be inviting a world of pain

Microsoft acquires conversational AI startup Semantic Machines to help bots sound more lifelike

Microsoft announced today that it has acquired Semantic Machines, a Berkeley-based startup that wants to solve one of the biggest challenges in conversational AI: making chatbots sound more human and

Alexa learns to talk like a human with whispers, pauses & emotion

Amazon’s Alexa is going to sound more human. The company announced this week the addition of a new set of speaking skills for the virtual assistant, which will allow her to do things like whispe

Microsoft strives to give computers common sense with Concept Graph

Today, Microsoft Research is publicly releasing its effort to tackle just one of the problems plaguing natural language understanding — knowledge. The company believes that background knowledge is

What’s Peter Thiel going to say at the Republican National Convention?

Peter Thiel, Silicon Valley’s own wild card, is slated to speak at the Republican National Convention next Thursday, according to the New York Times. Though Thiel has previously voiced support f

Microsoft Invests In 24/7 For Customer Service Software

Microsoft <a href="http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/microsoft-and-247-inc-join-forces-to-deliver-the-future-of-customer-service-for-large-businesses-138845719.html">announced</a> this morning a

New Virus Makes Fun Of You While It Creates Chaos

Trojan virii have been around for years now, yet fools with Outlook still think that they can see Jessica Simpson nude by downloading an attachment. One of the latest Trojans, BotVoice-A, is now takin

Steve Jobs to Address Apple Employees Today on iPhone Launch

Steve Jobs will give the whole Apple team a pep talk later today in preparation for the iPhone’s launch. Apple employees will gather at “Town Hall,” which reeks of Big Brotherness, w

Opie & Anthony Fans Cancel XM and Destroy Their Radios in Response to Suspension

XM Satellite Radio is finding out first hand that Opie & Anthony have quite a few dedicated fans, fans who are now canceling the service en masse in response to the duo’s recent 30-day suspe

Mac Talk Pretty One Day: How to Make Speech Recognition Useful

Lifehacker has an excellent how-to on creating custom voice commands for OS X. I’ve always wanted to use my Mac’s voice recognition but saying “open Word” wasn’t my idea