Special Edition

  • Capcom Announces Resident Evil 15th Anniversary Box

    Resident Evil (Biohazard in Japan) is 15 years old, can you believe it? To commemorate the series’ 15th anniversary, Capcom announced [JP] the so-called Resident Evil 15th Anniversary Box for the Japanese market today. Read More

  • Pentax Outs Camouflage Design Grips For Its K-r Camera

    Do you think the TOWER RECORDS×PENTAX RAINBOW K-r Pentax showed two days ago was ugly (as quite a few readers do)? Maybe you already own a K-r but just want to beef it up instead of shelling out over $1,000 for an entirely new one? If yes, then check out these new grips Pentax announced [JP] yesterday. Read More

  • Japan gets white PS3 slim and a black model with a 320GB HDD

    Sony in Japan just announced [JP, PDF] a bunch of changes and news regarding domestic sales of the PS3. The company said they’ll be bringing a PS3 in “Classic White” to the local market, in addition to the existing “Charcoal Black” (the first version of the PS3 in “Ceramic White” went on sale in 2008). There will be no technical changes, but Sony… Read More

  • "Jill Stuart Sweet Package": Japan gets very cute, very pink PSP

    Sony seems to believe in the power of pink PSPs. Not even four weeks after giving us the PSP-3000 Blossom Pink, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan today announced [JP] another pink PSP for the Japanese market. Dubbed “Jill Stuart Sweet Limited Package”, this new special edition was designed in collaboration with American fashion brand Jill Stuart. Read More

  • Ever wonder what FFXIII Elixir tastes like? Now you can know

    Here’s one for the really dedicated Final Fantasy fan. The beverage company, Suntory, has teamed up with Square to offer a limited edition drink collection, featuring 16 special art cans of Final Fantasy “Elixir”. The set also contains a commemorative metal cup, presumably to drink your elixir from. Read More

  • GR DIGITAL III × STUSSY: Ricoh unveils limited edition point-and-shoot camera

    It’s Stussy‘s 30th birthday next year, and for some strange reason the fashion company collaborated with Japanese electronics maker Ricoh to celebrate the occasion in the form of a Stussy-branded digital camera [JP]. Technically, Ricoh didn’t change anything in the GR DIGITAL III the Stussy camera is based on (and which was released in August this year), meaning the new… Read More

  • Gilded Age: This special edition Prince iPod costs $2,100

    This is a special edition iPod that makes the old U2 one look very terrible indeed. It’s part of something called the Prince Opus: 21 Nights, a $2,100 high-end book created by Kraken Opus. (Sports fans: check out the Arsenal FC, Celtic FC, Formula One and Diego Maradona Opuses. Man, it’d be cool to have money!) Only 950 such iPods will be created, so order now! Read More

  • Sony adds four new and shiny colors to the PSP lineup (in Japan)

    Sony Japan today announced the “Carnival Colors” collection of PSP-3000s [JP], which will go on sale in Nippon starting March. The new colors are “vibrant blue”, “radiant red”, “bright yellow” and “spirited green”. I don’t know who came up with these names but Sony didn’t say if the new PSPs will ever make it to the US… Read More

  • Quantum of Solace: Japan gets a cool 007 cell phone

    James Bond is a huge brand name in Japan. In cooperation with regional telcom Okinawa Cellular [JP], KDDI au (the nation’s No. 2 telecommunications company) will start selling a special edition of its W63S (CDMA 1X WIN) cell phone tomorrow. Read More