• The Hidden Radio: A Bluetooth Speaker With Cloistered Virtue And Some Obvious Flaws

    The Hidden Radio: A Bluetooth Speaker With Cloistered Virtue And Some Obvious Flaws

    Many of my Kickstarter dreams have come tumbling down in disappointing or non-shipping products, which isn’t a knock against the site; that’s a risk I fully accept and take with every project. But without a doubt, the Hidden Radio Bluetooth speaker was one I was really looking forward to. Now, I’ve spent some time with it, and I find myself with mixed feelings about this… Read More

  • Introducing The Croon Audio Original, A Gorgeous Bluetooth Table Top Speaker

    Introducing The Croon Audio Original, A Gorgeous Bluetooth Table Top Speaker

    When it comes to quality table top wireless speaker systems, Android and Windows Phones are generally ignored. Makers tend to prefer building accessories for the iPhone, and with that, often support Airplay over DLNA or even Bluetooth. Enter the Croon Audio Original. This $199 tablet top speaker utilizes Bluetooth connectivity for near-universal compatibility. This gorgeous speaker should… Read More

  • Sonos Lands $135M For Its Classy Wireless Home Audio Systems

    Sonos Lands $135M For Its Classy Wireless Home Audio Systems

    Sonos, the developers of a sexy, high-end wireless home audio system, has raised $135 million in funding led by private equity firm Kohlberg Kravis Roberts. Previous investors Redpoint Ventures and Elevation Partners also contributed to the round, bringing the company’s total funding to just under $200 million. As part of the round, KKR’s David Kerko, Elevation Managing Director… Read More

  • Review: Orb Audio Booster With Super Eight Subwoofer

    Review: Orb Audio Booster With Super Eight Subwoofer

    Orb Audio is roundly seen as being a company that produces decent to excellent mini speakers at a price that is, at the very least, acceptable to a wide strata of the speaker-buying public. We reviewed a set of Orb home theater speakers and our reviewer found them excellent for cinema playback. The company, seeing a niche, has just released the Orb Audio Booster kit, a $356 package with two… Read More

  • Review: Audyssey Lower East Side Speakers

    Review: Audyssey Lower East Side Speakers

    Short version: A solid pair of laptop or desk speakers, unremarkable but warm and powerful, with an understated and attractive design. More attention to detail would help justify their price, though. Read More

  • Sony Japan Announces Two iPhone/iPod Speakers

    Sony’s Walkman may have lost the portable music player market in Japan and the rest of the world to Apple, but that doesn’t stop big S from releasing accessories for their rival. In Japan, Sony announced [JP] two new DSP speakers today, the SRS-GX50IP and the portable SRS-GM5IP. Read More

  • Review: Antec Rockus 2.1 Speakers

    Short version: Not bad, but the “3D” effect isn’t very compelling, and the lack of extra features makes the $200 price unpalatable. Read More

  • Review: TDK 3 Speaker Boombox

    Short version: Beautifully styled, modern, and very loud, but USB issues take this from a cool and functional device to a questionable one. (Update: TDK released a firmware update the day after this review published which fixes the USB issues. I installed it myself and it works perfectly; devices will ship with updated firmware starting now, and owners should be able to download the update… Read More

  • Pioneer Announces Wireless Speaker Specifically Designed For The Elderly

    Pioneer announced [JP] the VMS-700-K for the Japanese market today, a wireless speaker specifically designed for elderly people. The idea here is to place the device right next to the user when watching TV so they can adjust the volume the way they like, without potentially harassing other family members. Read More

  • Bang And Olufsen Bring 16 Speakers To The New BMW 6-Series Coupé

    BMW announced today the all-new BMW 6 Series Coupé with a Bang and Olufsen sound system with 16 loudspeakers driven by 1,200 watts of power. There are seven tweeters that come paired with mid-range speakers for consistent sound. The other two speakers are the two massive subwoofers mounted to the car body under the front seats. This method ensures there aren’t any vibrations or rattles… Read More

  • Logitech Releases Their New Flagship 5.1 System, The Z906

    All of us at CrunchGear can testify that Logitech makes solid audio gear. The Z623s are a good deal, the G35 headset is a monster, and Greg says he’s been using the Z5500 5.1 system happily for several years now. Well, Logitech’s new Z906 is meant to replace that last one: it’s a brand-new 500-watt 5.1 system selling for the totally reasonable price of $350 not quite as… Read More

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