Moscase Is Like Batman’s Utility Belt For Your iPhone

The average phone case is basically a piece of plastic that protects your device when you drop it. But what if you could add modular features to your iPhone like a heart rate monitor, a grappling hook

Join Us At The TC Pitch-Off In Budapest And Zagreb

Ahoy, Hungary and Croatia, TC is in town and we’d love to see you. As part of Startup AddVenture, we’ll be holding a mini pitch-off in Budapest and Zagreb. We’ve been through this pa

You Can Keep Your iPhone In Your Pocket. Don’t Believe Me? Just Watch

This is no sidekick. It’s not merely a companion. The Apple Watch completely eliminates the need to pull out your phone in many situations. That was the theme of today’s launch event.

The PERI Duo Battery Case Does Double Duty As A Wi-Fi Speaker

The PERI Duo is an iPhone battery case for the frequent entertainer — those who go out with friends and find that they're the one stuck hooking their phone up to a speaker and doing some impromptu D

The Best Quotes Of TechCrunch Disrupt EU: London 2014

At Disrupt Europe: London 2014, a handful of speakers took the stage to discuss the tech landscape in Europe during these panel discussions and fireside chats.

Samsung Level Box Review: An All-Metal Bluetooth Speaker That’s Easy On The Eyes

Samsung is making its own portable Bluetooth speaker as part of its new Level line of audio accessories, and the product goes on sale today online at its official store for $199. The device is definit

Apple Patents Mechanical Shutters That Could Ruggedize Speakers And Mics On Future iPhones

Apple has applied for a patent (via AppleInsider) that would introduce mechanical shutters to mobile devices that would slide shut when they detect a potential fall or impact, protecting sensitive wea

Cool People Play Their Music With An Electric Plasma Spark, Not A Normal Speaker

[protected-iframe id=”2c60922346cf19bf2117c33bebbeac5a-24588526-5302483″ info=”https://www.kickstarter .com/projects/excelphysics/the-arc-plasma-speaker/widget/video.html” widt

Boombotix Raises $4M For Its Wearable Action Speakers And Audio Sync Software

Kickstarter funding will often lead to the more traditional kind, and in the case of Boombotix, that’s exactly what happened. The California startup raised $17,000 for its music syncing app, whi

Libratone Loop Review: The AirPlay Speaker That Looks As Good As It Sounds

For AirPlay speakers, there's a lot of choice out there. Often that can result in the feeling that there are essentially a lot of people sticking to an easy formula and churning out virtually intercha

Cambridge Audio’s Minx Go Couples Crazy Battery Life With Great, Portable Sound

A little while ago, I reviewed the Cambridge Minx Air 200 and found it a solid new performer in the UK-based company's new lineup of wireless speakers. Today, I'm looking at the Cambridge Audio Minx G

Boombot Rex Makes Good On Kickstarter Promises With Durable, Siri-Friendly Bluetooth Speaker

Sometimes I refer to Kickstarter as the "land of broken dreams," especially when I'm looking through my backer history and noting how few projects actually delivered, and how disappointing were most o

Cambridge Audio’s Minx Air 200 Earns The Crown For Best Home AirPlay Speaker

If you're a high-end audio fan, you've probably heard of Cambridge Audio, the London-based firm that makes some of the best equipment in the business. The brand is currently undergoing some changes th

The Tivoli PAL BT May Be The Best-Looking, Best-Sounding Bluetooth Speaker

Long before the advent of the Jawbone Jambox, there was a portable speaker that was decently rugged, had tremendous battery life and amazing sound, and that was the Tivoli PAL. The PAL boasted an audi

Add Bluetooth To Any Speaker With The Vamp, A Mobile Receiver With High-Quality Sound

The Jambox (or its many equivalents) is fine, but I much prefer the experience of visiting second-hand shops around the city in hopes of finding a tower speaker relic that smells musty but still has a

BlackBerry Bluetooth Mini Stereo Speaker Gives You A Speakerphone That Goes Anywhere For $79.99

RIM's accessories are almost as interesting as its first BB10 shipping hardware, and in addition to an external battery charger, they've also got a Bluetooth Speaker/speakerphone that's extremely port

Boombot Rex, A Durable, Affordable Bluetooth Speaker For The Adventurous Crowd Hits Kickstarter

There are plenty of Bluetooth speakers to choose from, which is exactly why I asked Boombotix co-founders Lief Storer and Chris McKleroy what made them think the market needed another one. But Boombot

Sound Wing: Pioneer Announces Their First HVT Speaker

<img src="http://www.crunchgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/pioneer_sound_wing-620x465.jpg" /> In the fall of last year, Pioneer introduced the <a href="http://pioneer.jp/topec/jigyo/sp/speaker_pd

Marshall Teases Us With A Nice Pair Of Cans

Basically all we know about these upcoming Marshall headphones is that they’ll be available on November 15 and that they bear the name of the vaunted monitor cabinet and amp company, Marshall. I

XMI Updates X-Mini Speakers

<img src="http://www.crunchgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/xmini1-1.jpg" />The original X-Mini came out a few years back as one of the best sounding portable speakers available on the market, and
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