Speaker Phone

  • Nokia Announces First Ever Speakerphone

    Nokia has announced their very first speakerphone and the detachable Bluetooth unit makes talking in the car a breeze. The battery powered HF-300 boasts a speaker, microphone, 20 hours of talk time and Digital Signal Processing, which cancels out excessive clink and clatter while chatting in the car. It also knows when to turn off to conserve battery power as it shuts down after five minutes… Read More

  • The Skype-Hype

    US Robotics just launched two Skype Certified hardware products. US Robotics unveiled the USR9601 USB Internet Phone which features a bright, high-resolution, blue backlit LCD screen that supports Skype caller ID. The Internet Phone also features a phonebook and can be plugged into the PC via USB. US Robotics also released the USR9602 USB Internet Mini Phone which is a lower-end model of… Read More

  • ArtDio SS-100 VoIP USB Speakerphone

    The hockey puck-shaped ArtDio SS-100 VoIP speaker does more than just put out puny monophonic sounds—it’s also a speakerphone designed to support Skype VoIP soft phones. Plug it into any USB port and it’s ready to function as a speaker or a microphone. Its 1.5 inch “micro metal driver” automatically shuts itself up if a phone call comes in. It uses its own… Read More

  • Logitech QuickCall USB Speakerphone

    In case just using your computer’s speakers and a webcam as a speakerphone wasn’t “high tech” enough for you, Logitech has their new QuickCall USB Speakerphone to allow you to make calls on any VoIP network. There’s a dual-microphone system on the speakerphone that somehow works to cancel out noise and give you better sounding audio. Problem is, your mother in Ohio… Read More