• No Griefing: Virtual Currency Market Sparter Shuts Down

    Looks like you’re going to have to earn your phat lootz the hard way. Sparter, an online marketplace for virtual game currencies that launched last year, has effectively shut down. The company has issued a notification stating that no further purchases can be carried out, though transactions currently in progress will be fulfilled. The site, which is backed by Bessemer Venture… Read More

  • AOL Finds An Obvious Use For A World Of Warcraft Social Network

    The domain name has laid dormant since at least 1998, when it was acquired by AOL along with other assets of Compuserve. The domain has been coveted by a number of AOL business units over the years, though. At one point there was a discussion of it being used to house the netscape social news assets (they eventually settled on If our source is correct, a decision has… Read More

  • Sparter Launches, Go Buy Some World of Warcraft Gold

    Sparter, a stealth startup founded by Bessemer Venture Partners, launched this evening. They are jumping into the middle of the estimated $1 billion market for buying and selling virtual currencies in games like World of Warcraft (WOW), EverQuest, Eve and others. The current spot price of 100 gold on WOW? About $10. The company is a true person to person trading company. Users can sign up… Read More