Beam is building a web browser that gathers knowledge from your web activity

Remember Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer? Those applications from the 1990s used emphatic metaphors in their names to talk about a simple task — browsing the web. Today, nobody would say th

Singapore-based options trading platform Sparrow raises $3.5 million Series A

Sparrow Exchange, a Bitcoin and Ethereum options trading platform based in Singapore, will launch more products after raising $3.5 million in Series A funding. The round was led by HDR Group, the owne

Sparrow Flies Away, As Google Finally Pulls iOS And Mac Email Apps From Apple’s Stores

As Google sharpens the focus on its new Inbox email app, the company has quietly made another move on the email front: it appears to have pulled the Sparrow iOS and Mac apps from their respective A

Why No One Has Tamed Email

<strong>Bio:</strong> <em>Gentry Underwood is a software designer and CEO of </em><a target="_blank" href=""><em>Orchestra</em></a><em>, which recently announced work on a mobile

Back To School: 5 Apps That Will Make You Fall (Even More) In Love With Your Phone

You're heading off to college. You have no idea that the next four years of fun will fly by, likely leaving you jobless and in debt. You're unconcerned with nonsense like that — you're ready to

Google Acquires iOS/Mac Email Client Sparrow, Apps To Remain Available But Development Stopped

Google just <a target="_blank" href="">acquired</a> Sparrow, the company behind the popular iOS and OS X email client. The company's team, says Sparrow CEO Dom Leca, will be joining Goo

With or Without Apple: Sparrow for iPhone Will Soon Get Push Notifications

There are a fair amount of third-party iPhone email clients out there, but few ever received the kind of reception that <a href="">Sparrow for iPhone</a> got a few

Sparrow And Shortmail Team Up To Silence Verbose Email

As you probably know, <a href="">I hate email</a>. But <a href="">I love Sparrow</a>.

Kima, Morin And Brichter-Backed Sparrow 1.2 Is The World's First Social Email Client

<img src="" alt="" /> In four months simple Mac mail client Sparrow has been downloaded over 300K times, has raised $250K in funding fr

Beautiful Mac Mail Client Sparrow Really Sings With Full IMAP, Priority Inbox, And Multi-Touch

<img class="alignright size-full wp-image-286914" title="sp" src="" alt="" />When <a href="">Sparrow</a> first launched

Sparrow, The Beautiful Mac Email Client Flies Into The Mac App Store — And Into Funding

<img class="alignright size-full wp-image-273325" title="a" src="" alt="" />Back in October of last year, we wrote about <a href="http://www.sparr

Sparrow Is Like Tweetie For Mac Plus Gmail. It's Beautiful, But A Bit Slow

<img src="" alt="" title="spa" class="alignright size-full wp-image-228305" />For the longest time, all I've wanted is a solid native Mac client