VC firm SparkLabs launches a security token to let anyone invest in its accelerator programs

Ardent crypto enthusiasts believe ICOs and cryptocurrencies will replace venture capital, but what if VC investors absorb crypto into their existing operations? That’s the thesis that SparkLabs,

SparkLabs will launch its accelerator program in China next month

SparkLabs founded its first accelerator in Seoul four years ago. Now it's ready to tackle China. The program announced today that SparkLabs will open in Beijing on May 15 before expanding to Shanghai,

Leading Seoul Accelerator SparkLabs Presents Its Fifth Startup Batch

With its high smartphone penetration rate, extremely speedy broadband, and government support, South Korea’s startup ecosystem is one of the most notable in Asia. SparkLabs, one of Seoul’s top acc

SparkLabs To Launch Its Internet Of Things Accelerator In South Korean “Smart City” Songdo

SparkLabs, one of the leading incubators in Seoul’s rapidly growing startup ecosystems, announced today that it will launch its Internet of Things Accelerator in Songdo International Business Distri

Seoul-Based Accelerator SparkLabs’ Latest Class Includes Wearable Tech And Mobile Game Makers

<a target="_blank" href="">SparkLabs</a> has unveiled the latest group of startups participating in its Seoul-based accelerator program. The current batch includes locally-b

SparkLabs Presents Its Second Demo Day In Seoul With Eight Startups

<a target="_blank" href="">SparkLabs</a>, the accelerator that brings Silicon Valley mentorship to Seoul's young startup ecosystem, presented its second Dem

Korean Startup Accelerator SparkLabs Reveals Its Second Intake

<a target="_blank" href="">SparkLabs</a>, the startup accelerator that wants to inject South Korea's startup ecosystem with Silicon Valley expertise, announced its second in

Korean Startup Accelerator SparkLabs Hosts Its First Demo Day, Adds Tom Peters To Advisory Board

Korean startup accelerator <a target="_blank" href="">SparkLabs</a> hosted its first Demo Day in Seoul today with five of the six companies in the inagural class it <a href="https:/

Korean Startup Accelerator SparkLabs Unveils Its First Class, Bolsters Its Advisory Board

It seems like it's been ages since<a target="_blank" href=""> SparkLabs</a> revealed its intentions to nurture a handful of promising startups in South Korea (it was actually