• Tumblr Acknowledges Its Growing Spam Problem, Says It’s Doing Everything It Can

    Tumblr Acknowledges Its Growing Spam Problem, Says It’s Doing Everything It Can

    Is Tumblr facing a growing spam problem? For many regular users of the blogging platform, the answer is “yes.” Although Tumblr hasn’t taken to its own blog to provide a public update on its progress in fighting spam, it did recently address the concerns of a high-profile Tumblr user – the associate producer of NPR’s Fresh Air, Melody Kramer, who maintains a blog… Read More

  • Facebook Sees 600,000 Compromised Logins Per Day

    Facebook Sees 600,000 Compromised Logins Per Day

    New figures from Facebook reveal how often the social networking site’s users are hacked. In the blog post announcing the forthcoming “Trusted Friends” feature, Facebook also an included infographic detailing Facebook’s security measures. One figure in particular jumped out at security researchers: every day, “only .06%” of Facebook’s 1 billion logins… Read More

  • Bitdefender Launches Anti-Malware Protection For Twitter

    Bitdefender Launches Anti-Malware Protection For Twitter

    “Did you see this photo of you?” “Look on your face in this pix is priceless!” “LMAO this video of you is funny!”  If you’re a regular Twitter user, you’ve probably see tweets like those come through as @replies or direct messages at some point. And you probably know not to click on the accompanying link. After all, there is no picture of you… Read More

  • Former Yahoo Spam Ninjas Unveil Impermium

    Former Yahoo Spam Ninjas Unveil Impermium

    The world is getting a first look at Impermium, a new startup that aims to help sites fight growing user generated spam – spammy comments, hacked accounts and (my personal favorite) fraudulent registrations. Sounds like a useful service. And the team behind it just makes it more compelling. CEO Mark Risher was known as Yahoo’s “Spam Czar” until he left in June 2010. Read More

  • How Not To Be Influential? Quora Spam On Mechanical Turk

    There’s has been much discussion in the past couple of days about how Quora can handle its recent explosive growth, avoid becoming a Yahoo Answers (i.e. full of nonsense and spam) and scale with grace. As further evidence of a growing success problem, Google’s Head Spam Avenger Matt Cutts points us to the above evidence of Quora fraud through Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. Read More

  • This Spam Infographic About Spam Infographics Makes My Head Hurt

    Buzzfeed, the Huffington Post of Internet memes, today wins the “more meta than thou” award for making “An Infographic Backlash Infographic” inspired by the tragic tale of a guy whose job it was to game Digg back when Digg had enough traffic to make it worth gaming. Okay Buzzfeed, just because you understand recursion, doesn’t mean you have to rub it in our face… Read More

  • One beeellion spam messages

    Project Honeypot has announced that they’ve collected one billion spam messages since they started in 2004. They have a pretty remarkable rundown of the trends for spammers in the last couple of years, including a look at the volume of product spam (V1AGRA, etc) versus fraud spam (419, etc). The majority of spam is still largely fire-and-forget, and only a relatively small percentage of… Read More

  • I never get tired of spam like this: "Purchase Chainsaws"

    With the flood of “Hello my dear” and “YOU ARE WINNER” emails in my inbox every morning, I’m actually beginning to tire of the never-ending variety presented by spam. But it’s mail like this that renews my faith in the bots and non-native speakers variating these strange messages. The best part is trying to figure out how the scam works; it’s not… Read More

  • Holy Smokes Study: More than 97% of all e-mail is spam

    This may come as no surprise to you, but don’t think that spam is going away anytime soon. In fact, according to a recent Microsoft study, more more than 97 percent of all sent e-mail is spam. Ninety-seven percent! Granted, most of that stuff will never hit your inbox, thanks to improved filtering, but still! All that wasted bandwidth. Read More

  • Attention: Shilling in comments will not be tolerated (DRINK PEPSI!)

    We’ve got three crazy comments from Andy Gowen touting the magic of Clear dot com’s fascination USB modem package which, for $50 a month, offers you a WiMAX connection (??) wherever you go and may or may not cause infertility in rats. Andy, please stop. We’re sure your service is amazing but we’re moderating you and I’ve taken the liberty of changing your comments… Read More

  • Spammer McColo taken down, spam problem solved

    A group of Internet providers have essentially shut down California hosting service, McColo, yesterday and total spam production dropped considerably. The provider, notorious for their low-down ways, was producing 2/3 of the spam in the U.S. Other providers saw a drop from about 40 spam messages per second to 10 per second – a major victory for those whose m3mb3rz are already rock solid. Read More