Tinder Exploited By Bots Promoting “Castle Clash” Game

A number of users on dating app Tinder report being matched with fake profiles of women, who are actually automated bots promoting a mobile game called "Castle Clash." The bots are sharing a link to

Multiple Pinterest Accounts Hacked, Flooded With Butt Pics

If you log onto Pinterest and see that one of your friends has suddenly developed a fixation with weight loss ads and butt pics like the ones below, don't click on the pins. Multiple accounts have bee

Apple Files Patent For Automated Disposable Email Addresses To Help Handle Spam

A new Apple patent application published today (via AppleInsider) details a system for heading off email spam and tracking its source. The tech automates a process many people now use manually, settin

Developer Spams Google Play With Ripoffs Of Well-Known Apps…Again

It's not uncommon to search the Google Play app store and find a number of knock-off or "fake" apps aiming to trick unsuspecting searchers into downloading them over the real thing - especially when t

I, Spammer

As I approach the half-way mark of my crowdfunding project, I wanted to address the thing that makes me feel the worst about this whole process: the spam. As I intimated in <a href="https://beta.techc

Twitter’s Theoretically Temporary URL Messaging Ban Due To Massive Wave Of DM Spam

Late yesterday afternoon many Twitter users began to notice that they could no longer send Direct Messages containing URLs. The complaints about the issue gained steam late into the night, when we rep

Twitter Solves The Follow-Back Tango, Enables Direct Messages From All Your Followers

Twitter has pushed out a feature update that is extremely useful for journalists like myself, and anyone else who hopes to use Twitter to communicate both publicly and privately. The social network no

A Year Of Spam: The Twoo Experience

Twoo, “the fastest growing place to meet new people,” has been spamming people for over a year. Users have been complaining that they get unsolicited mail from the app, that the app emails all

Why Twitter Finally Killed The “Auto Follow” For Good

Fresh on the heels of a spam report which painted Twitter <a target="_blank" href="">as the network with the largest underground economy for the buying and selling of f

Google Explains How Search Works, Complete With Live Spam Slideshow

Google today updated its <a target="_blank" href="">Inside Search site</a>, its homepage for all things search, with a handful of educational

ENISA, Europe’s Cyber Security Agency, Says Drive-By Exploits Are The Biggest Threat Today, Spam On The Decline

<a target="_blank" href="">ENISA</a>, the European Network and Information Security Agency, today called out drive-by exploits as the biggest, most increasing threat of the

Report: Roughly 20 Percent Of Pinterest’s Top 10 Users’ Followers Were Spammers And Fake Accounts

Last week, Pinterest <a target="_blank" href="">began curtailing the number of spammers and fake accounts on it

“Dearest Tumblr User” Worm Spreading Spam on Tumblr, Seen It? Then Log Out Of Your Browser [UPDATED]

According to <a target="_blank" href="

Drupal Company Acquires Akismet Competitor Mollom To Kill Spam Dead

Today <a target="_blank" href="">Acquia</a>, the company co-founded by <a target="_blank" href="">Drupal</a> creator Dries Buytaert to commercialize the open s

Google Tightens Up App Policy, Gets Stricter On Naming/Icon, Payments, Privacy, Ads And Spam Rules [Developer Letter]

Looks like Google Play is growing up, combing its hair and trying to move away from its Wild West image: Android's app store team has sent out a letter to its tens of thousands of developers informing

Dropbox Reports User Accounts Were Hijacked, Adds New Security Features

Several weeks ago, reports started to trickle out that a number of Dropbox users were under attack from spam. Since then, Dropbox has been investigating those attacks (with some help from a third-part

Sound Of Silence: Researchers Nearly Shut Down Grum Spam Network

Notice anything weird about your email inbox? If you said there wasn't as much spam lately that's because researchers at <a target="_blank" href="">FireEye</a> and the venerable

Dropbox Has Hired Outside Experts To Investigate Possible Security Breach

The <a href="">spam attack</a> and related possible address leak over at Dropbox may be even more se

Dropbox Users Targeted By Spam, Possible Address Leak To Blame? (Update: Dropbox Sees Outage)

Some <a target="_blank" href="">Dropbox</a> users have begun reporting that their accounts are under attack from spam, but what's more troubling is that, in select cases, the spa

Major Bummer: WriteThat.Name Wants You To Pay To Keep It From Spamming Your Friends (Update: Hooray!)

Shame on you, <a href="">WriteThat.Name</a>. After more than one personal recommendation, not to mention <a href="
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