The SEC wants $45 million from bankrupt Lordstown Motors

Bankrupt EV startup Lordstown Motors could be on the hook for $45 million for violating federal securities laws. The Securities and Exchange Commission filed a claim for that amount in Lordstown Motor

What drove online used car marketplace Shift to file for bankruptcy

Shift Technologies, the San Francisco-based online used car startup turned publicly traded company, filed this week for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The short story, according to recent filings, is that the

EV maker Arrival’s second SPAC is now a dead SPAC

Troubled commercial EV maker Arrival has just ended a deal to merge — for the second time in less than three years — with a special purpose acquisition company. Arrival initially went public in Ma

As Lordstown immolates, SPAC deals that didn’t go to zero feel like the exception

I know that regulation lags the market, but holy hell, what was all this?

Despite a rocky start, climate tech is in a good position to tackle the rest of 2023

There are plenty of possible reasons why climate tech’s sudden stumble in Q1 2023 was merely a misstep and not the beginning of a downward spiral.

Getaround braves chilly public markets with SPAC combination

Why did Getaround go public, and why has the reaction to its SPAC combination been so negative, so quickly?

Circle and Footprint’s aborted debuts are the final nail in the SPAC coffin

Inside the twin SPAC cancellations making news this week, there is an interesting fact: Circle and Footprint both tried to amend their pricing, but it was not enough to get their deals done.

Faraday Future warns it may not be able to deliver its luxury EV

Electric vehicle startup-gone-SPAC Faraday Future has raised a going concern warning, per regulatory filings. The company said it has substantial doubt as to whether it would be able to continue opera

Bookending the blitz, Chamath Palihapitiya begins unwinding two SPACs

Nearly three years ago, a special purpose acquisition vehicle (SPAC) spearheaded by investor Chamath Palihapitiya took the space tourism company Virgin Galactic public. It was the first human spacefli

As US SPACs flounder, did Europe largely dodge a bullet?

Things have turned so sour for SPACs that it leaves us with a question: Why did anyone think that this was a good idea again?

Is there no bottom to the SPAC mess?

Recent news has us wondering whether there really is a bottom to the mess that SPAC-led debuts left all over the public markets. Then we want to know who is to blame. Thankfully, we have receipts.

As Deezer goes public via SPAC, is the blank-check boom really over?

Let’s chat through the results of the Deezer deal, how quickly the IPO market has changed more generally, and then drill into the European SPAC market in the wake of Deezer’s demonstrative debut.

New York-based grand jury issues subpoenas to Truth Social SPAC board members

Plans for a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) merger for Donald Trump’s media group could have hit roadblocks with a New York-based federal grand jury sending subpoenas to members of the co

Bidding adieu to the SPAC craze

The implosion of the SPAC boom has proven a multiquarter process. We may be in the final throes of the experiment, at least from a startup perspective.

Electric Last Mile Solutions to file for bankruptcy

Commercial EV maker Electric Last Mile Solutions said Monday that it will file for bankruptcy, the first among a spate of troubled EV manufacturer SPACs to go out of business. Electric Last Mile Solut

As the pandemic wanes, VCs are investing less in health-focused startups

Riffing through CB Insights data regarding global VC investment into health tech, the word we came away with was "retreat."

Why EV startups should’ve hit the brakes before merging with a SPAC

The blank-check boom that made real many electric vehicle manufacturers' dreams of going public may be nearing a close.

Not all SPACs are garbage, and the power of teamwork

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Are Nubank’s low IPO fees a sign of the times?

Fees on the Nubank IPO were among the lowest of the year. Could it also be a sign of some of the changes we are planning to track in 2022?
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