Virgin Galactic Unveils New SpaceShipTwo, The VSS Unity

Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic unveiled its new SpaceShipTwo rocket┬áplane today. This is the latest version the company has revealed to the public since their deadly crash during a test flig

Galactic Status: Virgin Airlines Offers One Frequent Flier A Trip To Space

Virgin is one of my favorite airlines to fly on — it's kind of like the airline of the future, with interactive displays in every head rest, cool lighting, an animated safety video, and there's

Virgin Galactic shows off first commercial starship

<img src="" />Check out the latest on <a href="">SpaceShipTwo</a>, the firs

Virgin Galactic reveals SpaceShipTwo, plans open-source starships

Burt Rutan and Richard Branson are doing their “deep pocketed space explorer” thing again. They’ve revealed the second version of their suborbital spacecraft, aptly called “Spa