• NASA’s Super Guppy Gives Mars-Bound Spacecraft A Lift

    NASA’s Super Guppy Gives Mars-Bound Spacecraft A Lift

    Today the Orion capsule, NASA’s spacecraft designed to bring humans to Mars, starts its next phase of development at Kennedy Space Center. The remarkable part is that just this morning, that large spacecraft was at NASA’s Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans. In order to carry Orion from New Orleans to Cape Canaveral, NASA recruited their Super Guppy aircraft. The Super Guppy has… Read More

  • Explosion In Mojave Desert Kills Two, Injures Four

    Sad news today as an explosion in the Mojave desert has claimed two lives and injured four others at the site of Richard Branson’s SpaceShipOne project. Engineers there were testing a spaceship motor when a flow of nitrous oxide was ignited, causing a large explosion. Scaled Composites, LLC, is the company that Branson has contracted with to head up the SpaceShipOne project. The six… Read More

  • Amazon's Bezos Shows Off Egg-Shaped Spacecraft

    So, Jeff Bezos, founder of, formed a aeronautics company called Blue Origin a few years back. They’ve been working on the ugliest personal spacecraft ever for a while. Virgin definitely has the edge on design here, but check out what Bezos’ little egg can do in the above video. I don’t see many-a-flame, do you? It only got 85-meters high though, so don’t get… Read More