space Shuttle

  • It's just cool: Cockpit view of SpaceShipOne

    Yesterday, we took a look at the Space Shuttle’s cockpit with it’s almost vintage look. Today, we have a look at the first privately funded sub-orbital vehicle’s cockpit. It looks a tad different. In fact, I dare say you could count all the buttons and switches on two hands within SpaceShipOne’s interior. Got to love the off-the-shelf GPS mounted above the main screen too. Read More

  • It's just cool: Cockpit view of the Space Shuttle

    Who doesn’t enjoy a little rocket ship pr0n? Gigantic pic of the Space Shuttle cockpit after the break. It’s huge! Read More

  • iPod spotted on Space Shuttle Endeavour

    Bet: How much Steely Dan do they have? And they say our space program is decrepit and “out of it!” The astronauts — or should I say ROCK-O-NAUTS — on the Endeavour have an iPod in the front window. I wonder if the vast vacuum of space makes Amy Winehouse less annoying? Pic via TUAW Read More