Space Invaders

  • Space Invaders Video Game Gets A Luxury Wrist Watch Treatment

    The best part of these timepieces is easily the box. I wasn’t allowed to take pictures, but Romain Jerome showed me a sneak preview of the Space Invaders watches back in March. The idea is to recall some of the fun and playfulness, as well as the novelty of the late 1970s video game. The box is actually a light box and you place the watch inside of it. Actually the watch is already… Read More

  • Awesome Sega Genesis and Space Invaders business card cases

    If you’re an old-school gamer, the Sega Genesis (known as Sega Mega Drive outside North America) sure does have a special place in your heart. And if your current job requires you to give away business cards from time to time, this new business card holder that’s shaped like Sega’s legendary 16-bit console might be the right thing for you. In case you want to go even more… Read More

  • Space Invaders piggy bank rewards youth for saving money

    I must have shoved unimaginable quantities of quarters into various arcade games over the years, trying desperately to reach that next level, or defeat the next boss. If I could have put those into a piggy bank, rather than the coffers of some sweaty arcade owner, I might be in a different place right now. Alas, the short-term reward for putting money into a piggy bank just can’t… Read More

  • Space Invaders piggy bank from Japan

    30 years went by since the original Space Invaders. It’s one among the few things I like and are older than me. You put in the coin, one invader goes to the tally. Read More

  • Omnibus Space Invaders gear post

    I’m a fan of retro gaming, but not quite enough to completely permeate my life with it (close, though). If you’re different, however, this collection of most of the Space Invaders junk that’s available on the web should suit your purposes. Read More

  • Geek up your living room with these retro gaming decals

    Trust us, your GF will love these. Can’t you imagine her face when she sees vinyl Space Invaders on your apartment’s wall? I know, right? Classic. $45 for the Space Invaders and $20 for Pac-Man. Read More

  • Space Invaders keyboard is purely for nostalgia

    This is, simply, a Space Invaders keyboard. Well, for copyright reasons it’s called ElectroJoe’s Bendiboard Retroboarde (you need to register just to see it for some dumb reason), but you get the idea. The keyboard shares the same layout as the MacBook, and while the actual characters are a little difficult to discern, you’re obviosuly just paying for the gimmick. And if… Read More

  • Vintage video game themed cutting boards cut straight through to my geeky heart

    Are we as citizens ready for icons from our 8-bit pasts to make their way into our kitchens? Yes, yes we are. Take this Triforce cutting board. It’s fully usable and will remind you of your quest against Gannon every time you dice onlines. It’s sold out, but you can get your hands on a Space Invaders villian for only $125. If I was really into cutting boards, I’d get one. Read More