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Zephr emerges from stealth with $3.5M and plans to create a ‘networked GPS’ using cell phones

Zephr has emerged from stealth with radical plans to dramatically improve GPS — using cell phones with zero hardware modifications. Mobile devices have abysmal GPS accuracy, which prevents locat

Private investment in space dropped 58% last year, even with SpaceX, Anduril monster raises

Private investment in the space economy dropped by 58% in 2022 compared to the year prior, with macroeconomic headwinds battering private and public markets, according to new analysis from New York-ba

Investment in space continues to drop, but some sectors more resilient than others, report finds

Private investment in space continues to be battered by larger macro-economic trends, like high interest rates and inflation, but not all sectors of the space industry are affected equally, a new repo

Meet the ex-Amazon satellite engineers wanting to disrupt hardware workflow

Imagine building some of the most sophisticated hardware-driven technologies in the world — spacecraft, drones or autonomous vehicles. Then imagine being unable to easily share your data to diff

Max Q: Space goes SPAC

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In 2021, space investors watched stars form in real time

"Carl Sagan had it right, with Voyager and the pale blue dot: If you're anywhere else in the known universe, Earth is the most interesting place to study and be part of." raises $6M on the promise of ending data scarcity 

The availability of data can paralyze a company and its effort to bring software-centric products and services to market. To solve this issue, two-year-old data startup is generating synth

Mobius Labs nabs $6M to help more sectors tap into computer vision

  Berlin-based Mobius Labs has closed a €5.2 million (~$6.1M) funding round off the back of increased demand for its computer vision training platform. The Series A investment is led by Ventech

SkyWatch raises $17.2M for its Earth observation data platform

Waterloo-based SkyWatch was among the first startups to recognize that the key to unlocking the real benefits of the space economy lay in making Earth observation data accessible and portable, and now

Space sector investment shows signs of strength in Q2 despite COVID-19 pandemic

The most recent quarterly report from specialist investor Space Capital shows that despite obvious impacts stemming from the current coronavirus pandemic, investment in general in space startups didn&

9 top space tech VCs on the market’s opportunities and challenges

Space is a relatively niche area of tech investing in the best of times, but COVID-19 has redrawn the landscape. What do investors who are active in this sector think about what’s changed, what