• Instagram Star @Tunameltsmyheart | SXSW 2015

    I Tried To Interview This Celebrity Dog At SXSW

    Well, okay, I didn’t actually try to interview a dog, because that would be silly. But while attending a pet adoption event at South by Southwest event, I did talk to Courtney Dasher, owner of Instagram star Tuna Melts My Heart. And yes, he’s a dog with an intense overbite. What I wanted to know was: What’s like to own a social media celebrity? (Seriously, Tuna’s got… Read More

  • Apple Partners With Southwest To Offer Free In-Flight Streaming Via Beats Music

    Apple Partners With Southwest To Offer Free In-Flight Streaming Via Beats Music

    Apple continues to roll out its Beats Music streaming service to new venues, despite the fact that there have been rumors of its imminent demise. Today, Beats Music announced a partnership with Southwest Airlines to deliver its streaming library to inflight entertainment onboard Southwest planes that offer Wi-Fi, with availability kicking off today, November 3. Read More

  • Southwest Airlines eyeing in-flight wireless access

    Why should American Airlines and Jet Blue have all the fun? Southwest is getting set to test in-flight Internet access as well. It’ll partner with Row 44, offering satellite-based access on four different aircraft sometime this summer. Passengers will have “full access to the Internet” over the “the highest bandwidth available to commercial airlines in the United… Read More

  • Southwest Giving Customers A Free Nintendo DS

    Now this is my kind of airline! Southwest today announced that select members of its Rapid Rewards program would be receiving a Nintendo DS Lite and a copy of Brain Age. Who’s getting one and who isn’t? Southwest has chosen customers based on mileage and membership length, basically meaning that your father who flies business class all the time is getting a DS and you… Read More