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Latin America’s Groupon Mafia

The founders of PayPal and its employees have produced many highly successful companies over the years. Often referred to as the “PayPal Mafia” because they’ve had such an impact on the startup

As interest rates climb, explore insourcing

Most people and most companies understand the term and concept of outsourced development. True to tech, we've coined a new term, with a twist: insourced development. Before the term insourcing, outsou

China’s Didi looks to Latin America with $100M investment in Brazil-based Uber rival 99

There's much talk of Didi Chuxing's desire to expand overseas now that it has agreed to gobble up Uber's China business, and it just took a big step to extending its international reach via a maiden d

Tim Cook explains to Apple employees why he met with President-elect Trump

In a series of answers to questions posted on Apple’s internal employee info service Apple Web today, CEO Tim Cook commented to employees on some hot-button topics. One of those was why he met with

A Look into Chile’s innovative startup government

For better or for worse, Chile is often held up as the economic model for Latin America. More so even than other up-and-coming tech centers, the story of startup entrepreneurialism in Chile is a story

Why Latin American economies are turning to bitcoin

The economic prospects for Latin America in 2016 are grim. With political instability in some of the region's largest economies, as well as a general slump in prices in oil and other commodities, busi

Descomplica Nabs ~$2M From Peter Thiel, Social+Capital, 500 Startups & More To Help Brazil Prep For College

<a target="_blank" href="">Descomplica</a> today added its name to a growing list of startups finding support as they look to harness South America's growing interest i

Samwer’s Rocket Internet Picks Up Its First Luxury Goods Investor: PPR Puts $13M Into Lamoda And Dafiti’s Holding Company

Another new chapter is opening up for <a target="_blank" href="">Rocket Internet</a>, the incubator started and run by the Samwer Brothers in Germany. The company is today

What's up with game companies ignoring South America?

[photopress:southam.jpg,full,center] Why do video game companies ignore South America? Next Generation asks just such a question today, wondering out loud why the hardware companies (Sony, Microsoft a