sous vide

Typhur launches sous vide cooker with 12-inch display

Come on in, the water is lovely. You wouldn’t have thought there was space for more players in the busy soup that’s the crowded sous vide market, but Typhur begs to differ, thank you very

Sous Vide startup Anova gets acquired by appliance giant Electrolux

Sous vide Kickstarter darling Anova announced over the weekend that Swedish appliance giant Electrolux has agreed to purchase the cooking hardware startup for $250 million. The Anova brand will remain

Making A Chick-fil-A Clone With The New Anova Sous-Vide Circulator

It's rare for a founder to offer to make Chik-fil-A sandwich clones for you, let alone in your own kitchen. But that's just what Jeff Wu, creator of the <a href="">Anov

Anova Updates Their Sous-Vide Device For The Smartphone-Toting Cook

Another day, another sous-vide cooker. Anova, a company I’ve covered before, has announced the next generation of their platform, a precision circulator/heater that uses your phone to cook delic

Mellow Is A Foolproof Sous-Vide Machine For The Busy Chef

Sous-vide is a cooking method that allows you to make amazingly tender vegetables and meats by cooking food in a warm water bath. It’s risen in popularity in the last few years and home machines

Hands On With The Anova Automatic Sous Vide System

Sous vide cooking is probably one of the most high-tech methods of food preparation that home cooks can perform without a degree in chemistry and/or killing themselves and those around them. That's wh