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Runnable wants to make developers more productive

Back in 2013, Runnable launched with the mission to become the “YouTube of code” that allowed its users to find and run code snippets on its site. Times have changed, though, and the well-

Software security needs a new perspective

Source code bugs have been a constant in the software industry since the dawn of computers -- and have ever been a major source of attacks, exploits and security incidents. With virtually every aspect

Pastebin, The Text Sharing Website, Updates With An Emphasis On Code

Pastebin, now home to 95 million “active” pieces of text, has gotten a complete overhaul including a new mobile friendly site that lets coders share snippets of text on their phones. Sites

Jordan Mechner, Creator Of Prince Of Persia, Finds Original Source Code In His Dad’s Closet

Prince of Persia and <a HREF="">Karateka</a>, were two of the best action games of their era. Why? Because they gave us an inkling of what real, fluid

Source Code Marketplace Binpress Adds Github Integration

Source code marketplace <a href="">Binpress</a> is now offering integration with the popular file repository <a href="">Github</a>. Acc

Hexen, Heretic source codes released under GPL

Hot damn, how did we miss this? Activision released the source code of the Raven-developed Heretic and Hexen two days ago. The source is GPL’d, and is therefore totally free (as in beer and free

Japan wants more robot research, sells source code for humanoids

ZMP, the world’s first venture company focusing on robot technology and – of course – based in Tokyo, is selling the source code [JP] for nuvo, one of its best-selling robots. The hu