• lands $530,000, lets you aggregate your digital life (or something)

    SpeedInvest, an “early-stage super angel fund” headquartered in Austria, has injected $530,000 into, which is the reboot service (sounds way nicer than ‘pivot’) of micro-publishing tools maker The service is invite-only, and I haven’t had the chance to check it out yet, but the description(s) given to is actually quite confusing to me. Read More

  • The Tale Of Storytlr Ends Here

    Storytlr, a nifty web application centered around the concept of lifestreaming, will cease to exist at the end of this year. In a blog post, the two guys who built the service jointly announced the decision to stop operating Storytlr on December 31st 2009. Unfortunately, all data that doesn’t get backed up by its users in the next ten weeks will be wiped out, although there is a simple… Read More

  • Yahoo's MyBlogLog Adds An Activity Stream Feature

    MyBlogLog, a blogger social network acquired by Yahoo about a year ago, launched v.2 of their service tonight, with a significant new feature. You can see the MyBlogLog widget in the right sidebar of this site – it shows pictures and names of recent visitors. The new feature is an activity stream of recent activities by all users on various social networks – blog posts, new… Read More

  • Y Europe's First Startup,

    What we’ve called Y Combinator’s European clone, Y Europe, has let loose with their first startup, is very low friction take on life streaming that serves as an aggregator for a lot of your public social media feeds. There are a lot of startups trying to do social aggregation (Spokeo, ProfileLinker, MyLifeBrand, Fuser). Paul Buchheit’s highly automated… Read More