Spotify Buys Cord Project And Soundwave To Expand Messaging And Social Features

On the same day that streaming rival Deezer announced a new cash injection of €100 million, Spotify has confirmed two new acquisitions, Cord Project and Soundwave. The startups are based respective

Soundwave Focuses On Group Messaging And Playlists In Bid To Become Music’s Water Cooler

<a target="_blank" href="">Soundwave</a>, the mobile app that tracks the listening habits of you, your friends and other users you follow, to help you discover more and better musi

Soundwave Adds Chrome Browser Extension To Let You Track Your Desktop Music Listening

Soundwave, the music discovery app that tracks the listening habits of you, your friends and other users you follow, has enabled desktop tracking in the form of a Chrome browser extension so that a pl

Soundwave Plugs Into YouTube To Let You Track Listening Habits On Free Music Service Of Choice

Hey kids, rock 'n' roll. <a target="_blank" href="">Soundwave</a>, the <a href="">Mark Cuban-backed</a> music discovery app that tracks

Soundwave, The Music Discovery App Backed By Mark Cuban, Is Placing A Big Bet On Big Data

What happens when your app manages to attract The Woz as a fan, Mark Cuban as an investor, Stephen Fry to help launch, and you're featured by Apple and Google in its respective app stores? A shed l

Freestyle Audio updates their waterproof MP3 player lineup with the Soundwave

Look at what the cat dragged in. Freestyle Audio (you remember them, right?) has updated their product line with a more rugged MP3 player, the Soundwave. It’s waterproof up to 10 feet, which is perf

Video: Soundwave keeps busy

Soundwave is one of the most beloved of all Transformers. Loyal to Megatron and badass in every way, Soundwave was still left out of last summer’s giant movie. There are rumors he’s to be

Soundwave MP3 Player Unboxed

Remember that awesome MP3-playing re-issue of Soundwave we talked about a few months ago? It’s out, and here’s a hot, hot unboxing in Japanese, the way it should be. I so want this, it&#82