• Enclave Audio delivers 5.1 surround sound (almost) wirelessly Crunch Network

    Enclave Audio delivers 5.1 surround sound (almost) wirelessly

    In the list of things that we want science to solve I suspect the creation of a wireless 5.1 speaker system that is easy to use and set up ranks up there in between a cure for shingles and the colonization of Mars. Thankfully, there are people on the job. Enclave Audio has been working on a wireless 5.1 sound system since 2013 and they recently released their first product at CES, the CineHome HD. Read More

  • Sonos Releases The Playbar, A Sound Bar With Built-In Streaming Magic

    Sonos Releases The Playbar, A Sound Bar With Built-In Streaming Magic

    The Playbar (or PLAYBAR, in Sonos’ inimitable all-caps style) is a nine-speaker soundbar that can be placed above or below your TV and connects to your in-home Sonos network as well as your television. The device connects to your TV or receiver via an optical cable and can also stream music through the standard Sonos system for playback of local music, Pandora, Rdio, and other music… Read More

  • JVC has two more sound bars from you to pick from: TH-BA3 and TH-BS7

    Didn’t Nickelodeon used to give away JVC boomboxes and whatnot on its game shows back in the day? (I’m primarily talking to twenty-somethings here, yes.) Imagine you were a contestant on Double Dare, and you manage to find the flag inside the big nose filled with goo, and you win this, the TH-BA3. It’s a sound bar, which are a heck of a lot easier to incorporate into a… Read More

  • Vizio makes more than televisions

    More products rolling off the CES 2009 assembly line, this time from Vizio – and they’re not super slim televisions! The VSB210WS is a soundbar with wireless subwoofer, and the VBR100 is a Blu-Ray player. Both are priced at $199, and should be appealing to budget-conscious consumers. Read More