sound waves

  • Durex condom ad infuriates sound engineers

    So the latest ad from Durex for the Performa condoms is meant to show your ability to last longer, but a few of the commenters have pointed out that the ad is inaccurate and that it shows a span of seven seconds. I’m no sound engineer so maybe someone in the audience can clarify this silly little ad. Durex Performa: Sound waves [Ads of the World] Read More

  • I-Doser: How does this thing work? I want to float!

    On yesterday, a freeleech torrent was uploaded containing a bunch of I-Doser FLACs. Now, call me ignorant or whatever, but how do I get these things to work reliably? I tried following the directions as best as I could—turn the lights out, relax, have a good pair of headphones, etc.—but I simply couldn’t get anything to happen. I tried the Lucid Dream and Hand of God… Read More