Sound ID

  • Sound ID 510 Bluetooth headset coming to AT&T in June

    I’ve used a number of Bluetooth headsets, and I really tried to make myself comfortable while wearing them. None of them have been quite comfortable enough for me, and I feel like I’m missing out on sounds around me when the piece is sitting dormant in my ear. Perhaps the new Sound ID 510 headset, coupled with the EarPrint App, will solve my concerns. Read More

  • Sound ID SM100 Bluetooth Headset Review

    With so many Bluetooth headsets around, I could see where it would be easy to dismiss the Sound ID SM100. The company’s more than likely unfamiliar to you — unlike Nokia, Plantronics, Motorola and Sony Ericsson that are everywhere — and family and friends probably will not have heard of them either. Hell, I didn’t know about them till a couple months ago. Also… Read More