Pure Bit, a South Korean exchange, pulls a $2.8 million exit scam

Another day, another exit scam. This time it comes to us from South Korea, where an exchange, Pure Bit, has completely shut down after raising $2.8 million in Ethereum from investors. The exchange, wh

Apple: Sorry about all the failed iPhone 4 pre-orders, but we definitely had a good day

Apple just released a tiny little message about its 600,000 pre-orders. First, it crowed that it got 600,000 pre-orders and then it apologized for, um, sucking the life out of the economy while people

Skype President: "I SRY FR SPYING ON U, CHNA!"

TOM, Skype’s local partner in China, was censoring and tracking Skype chats, flagging conversations that could have been embarassing to the ruling junta. Originally, TOM filtered by keyword and

A Macworld apology

On behalf of the CG crew, we apologize for the mix-ups during the keynote. Keynotes are hard to cover and we experienced a perfect storm of site failures, database errors, and “No, you can&#8217

NSFW Bloops

I sincerely apologize if our NSFW nuclear strike against launchr — a site that was copying our text and links wholesale without even the slightest attribution — caused discomfort and/or co