• Survey: MP4 Is Top Format For Web and Mobile Videos

    Survey: MP4 Is Top Format For Web and Mobile Videos

    When you watch a video on the web or your mobile phone, the odds are pretty good you are using the MP4 video format and the H.264 codec. There are a lot of choices when it comes to video formats. But, MP4 is the top pick for both web and mobile viewing, according to a new survey released this morning by Sorenson Media. 69% of video professionals use MP4 regularly for the web, and 58% use it… Read More

  • Sorenson Media CEO Explains How They're Helping Move Hollywood To The Cloud (Video)

    Video on the web may be ubiquitous these days, but while uploading a few amateur clips to YouTube is a cinch, things get hairy fast as soon as you start encoding and managing your own video content. From codecs to huge file sizes to actually putting that content in a playable form, handling a lot of video footage requires plenty of processing power and advanced software. One company… Read More