• Sony Walkman is still alive!

    Not only is the Walkman still alive and kicking, but Sony updated three individual series today. We’ll start with the entry-level B-series. This one only plays music and lacks video playback like its older siblings, but you can drag and drop your music via USB. Add on the FM radio and voice recorder and this isn’t that bad a deal. Battery life is expected up to 16 hours. The 1GB… Read More

  • Sony launches T500 Cyber-shot – HD video and more

    My goodness, there has been a lot of digital cameras launched within the last few days. Nikon, Canon and now Sony. This firm’s latest sports a 10.1 megapixel paired up with a 5x optical zoom and a 3.5-inch touchscreen, but the main selling point of the T500 has to be the HD video capture mode. This mode allows for up to 10 minutes of continuous video that should fill a 4GB memory stick. Read More

  • Sony BRAVIA Theater: BDV-IT1000 Blu-ray all-in-one

    It’s just a matter of time before Blu-ray all-in-one systems hit the street. Sony’s BDV-IT1000 seems like a killer system even though AV guys will scoff due to the all-in-one moniker. I believe the two HDMI inputs, wireless rear channels, 1080p24 along with Dolby Digital Plus, TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio support rounds out this system nicely. We all know… Read More

  • Sony Announces EX-1, ZX-1 and XEL-1 TVs at IFA 2008

    Sony wants to be the number one TV company by the year 2010.  To that end, they’ve announced three sexy new products today at IFA. The Bravia EX-1 PictureFrame television is a wall-mountable LCD television that utilizes wireless HDMI to reduce cables going to your set.  It’s designed to look good on your wall, as though a piece of art.  The wireless HDMI has a range of about… Read More

  • Sony presents world's slimmest LCD HDTV

    Sony presented a number of new Bravia full HD LCD TVs [JP] today in Japan but the KDL-40ZX1 stands out as the world’s slimmest LCD HDTV (thickness: 9.9mm). The TV, which is only available in a 40-inch version, comes with a contrast ratio of 3,000:1, LED backlighting, 120Hz MotionFlow technology, a viewing angle of 178°, BRAVIA Engine 2 image processing, acTVila video on demand web… Read More

  • Sony announces four new nav-u GPS units

    Sony is adding upon their line of GPS systems with four new models, NV-U94T, NV-U84, NV-U74T and NV-U44. Picking up where the NV-U73T and the NV-U83T left off, the new units add some new features for the form factors. The top of the line U94 adds a photo viewer and A/V player. All of the GPS devices are bringing back Bluetooth connectivity and incorporate gesture command. Ranging from $250… Read More

  • Sony announces four new Xplod in-dash car stereos with Zappin

    Available starting in September, Sony’s new car stereo line up will add the ability to connect music players via USB. A first for Sony, they are also incorporating their “unique Zappin technology” which acts like the traditional scan feature found on most car stereos, except now users can scan their own libraries. Also integrated is the Quick-BrowZer feature that allows users… Read More

  • Ten million PSPs sold in Japan, Monster Hunter rocks

    In a bit of surprising news, it seems the PSP is actually thriving over in Nippon. Everyone thinks of Japan as a Nintendo stronghold, especially when it comes to handhelds, but the truth is that the PSP is doing pretty well; selling 10 million is no joke. I wonder how many are Stella Artois units. And why haven’t I played Monster Hunter?! That game looks like it kicks ass &mdash… Read More

  • Immersion, Microsoft, Sony finally settle their beef (beeves?)

    I’m just going to refer you to the excellent diagram above for your lesson in force feedback lawsuitology. The outcome is basically that Sony ended up paying a bunch of money, Immersion came out on top for the most part, and Microsoft is still richer than Croesus. It’s finally been settled, as Microsoft got their ounce or so of the pound of flesh that Sony had to deliver to Immersion. Read More

  • Rumor: Next PS3 update to include screen grab functionality

    Break out the salt shaker, PS3 fanboys, because this one’s for you. CVG was supposedly tipped off by a “development source” that the next round of PS3 updates, specifically 2.5, will include the ability to capture screen grabs. No other details were mentioned. Read More

  • Sony's new earbuds are ergonomically Cinnabon-shaped

    I guess Sony got enough complaints about its earbuds that they actually decided to address the design decision at the root of them, namely that the fundamental shape of the earpiece was incompatible with the human ear. The new MDR-EX500SL is designed with a UFO-ish style, almost like a cinnamon roll — a Sonybon, if you will — and is meant to accommodate the folds of the pinna… Read More

  • Sony PS3 wireless keypad priced, dated

    Sony’s answer to the Xbox 360 messenger kit has been priced and dated on Amazon. The wireless keypad will be available on November 30th for $50. Read More

  • Quick look: PSP-2001 vs PSP-3000

    When Sony announced the specs of the new PSP, there was a collective sigh accross the interwebs. “A LCD new screen. Really, Sony? All we get is a new screen.” That sigh might have been premature though. Check out one of the first pics comparing the old (top) and the new (bottom). We’re impressed. Famitsu via Kotaku Read More

  • PSP now on FON Wi-Fi

    PSP fanboys, take note. Starting today, your little Sony buddy can hop on any of the FON Wi-Fi spots. Details aren’t exactly clear as if full internet will be available or if it is just going to be Sony-exclusive material. As far as the service goes though, there are around 44,000 FON spots world-wide so chance are that unless you’re in the middle of the a corn field, there is… Read More

  • Sony S-Air Play, XROSS FADE: One's a multi-room speaker system, the other's for DJs

    You’re looking at the Sony S-Air Play, one of those multi-room audio systems used by the filthy rich such as John McCain and Peter Ha. It’s got all the normal things you’d expect from such a device, including iPod/iPhone connector, built-in radio, etc. That it’s wireless, meaning that you can link a bunch of these together all over the house and have them play the… Read More

  • 160GB PS3 finally announced by Sony

    Also announced at GC from Sony is the 160GB PS3 that kicks off with the Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune bundle that includes the new hardware (duh), copy of U:DF, a PSN voucher for PAIN and a fancy DUALSHOCK 3 wireless controller. The special bundle will launch in November for $500. Read More

  • Canon ships 100 million digital cameras worldwide, catches up to Sony

    Canon announced they shipped their 100 millionth compact digital camera in mid-August, following Sony, which became the first company in the world reaching that mark two months earlier. Canon released its first compact digital camera, the PowerShot 600 (570,000 pixels/pictured above), in 1996 and since then, the company has churned out 106 different models. Sony started with the Cybershot in… Read More

  • Sony PSP-3000 announced

    The expected Sony PSP-3000 was just announced over in Germany. Nothing ground breaking, but a few minor, abet decent, changes. First up is newer, brighter screen that is better equipped to handle glare. There is microphone right next to the first “P” on the bottom. Also on the bottom row, right next to the volume controls, is the new PS button. (nice) Sony has also included… Read More

  • Playstation 3 keypad coming soon

    O.K. Take your hands and pretend like your using this new keypad coming from Sony. We can’t figure out if it’s going to be comfy or a just plain awkward. It look like you need to move your hands off the nubs to use it. Sony has always been on par with ergonmical controls, so we are going to trust ’em on this one till we can fondle it ourselves. As far as the control goes… Read More

  • Ladies – Sony dedicates these headphones to you

    Sometimes a lady just needs to feel different. Sony understands that and the companies latest headphones should help. So ladies, that’s why Sony is producing six different colored, sparkly, blingy headphones for you to choose from. The headphones should be nice and comfy too with a soft rubber surrounding a firm central liner. We aren’t quite sure if these are going to hit… Read More