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Is It Real, Or Is It A Bootleg Sony Vaio?

<img src="" />It’s all pretty formulaic. “Company in China releases [knockoff product] that looks so much like the real thing.” See: <

Sony Japan follows Sony New Zealand with mysterious new Vaio mobile ad

<img src="" /> <a href="">Following Sony New Zealand</a>, Sony Japan

Sony wants to stop lying to us about battery life

We all know that laptop makers have been using misleading figures for battery life for years now. The packaging would say 10-12 hours, but when you started using the thing you wouldn’t get anything

Sony VAIO FZ180 Laptop Review

I’ve spent the past few weeks playing with Sony’s new Vista-driven Vaio FZ180 laptop. It’s thin, white, and packs a Blu-ray drive, but should you plop down two grand for it? Full rev

Criticize How Much It Costs To Run Vista Decently and Get Beaten Up By Readers

If you don’t have anything nice to say about Windows Vista then don’t bother writing about it. That’s the general consensus on a certain post on eWeek’s Microsoft Watch. One of