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Sony PRS-T1 Reader Hacked To Run The Kindle Android App And More

There's finally a legitimate reason to buy the new-ish Sony T1 Reader: You can hack it and install the Kindle Android app. I kid. However, there is a new hack for Sony's least expensive ereader that a

The case for the dedicated e-reader: When it's time to go off the grid

<img class="shot" title="28082010097" src="" alt="The case for the dedicated e-reader" width="180" height="131" />With the adven

Sony Refreshes Reader Family With New Screens And Bodies

<img src="" />As expected, the new lineup of Sony Readers has arrived with the <a href="

Get a refurbished Sony Reader for only $99

$100 has long thought been the magical price point for ebook readers and we’re kind of already there — with refurbished models at least. This Sony Reader deal undercuts the Kindle refurb b

Sony Reader spreads its wings, will be available internationally later this year

<img src="" />The <a HREF="">Sony Reader</a>, going international. The electronic book read

The Kandle is obviously a LED light for the Kindle

The Kandle. It’s a pun. Get it? $24.95 on Amazon and works on the Kindle, Sony Reader, and other eBook readers according to the product description. [via Oh Gizmo]

Buy a W Series laptop or Rose Sony Reader and help support breast cancer awareness

<img src="">This is nice. Sony is donating $110,000 to breast cancer research in conjunction with sales of their Pink W Series notebook

Hacking the Sony Reader

<img src="" /><a href="">The Register has a nice piece</a> on hacking t

Sony Reader: Ian Fleming Edition

<img src="" />Although I don't get the feeling that Ian Fleming would have been a big e-book fan (he was a paperback kind of guy), that

Foxit takes eBooks to a new low with the eSlick

So far eBook devices chief sticking point is the high price. The $300+ range of the Kindle and Sony Reader turns off all but the most avid gadgetphile, book proprietor. Maybe the $259 eSlick by Foxi

Little Red Sony Reader spotted in the wild

Some Sony Reader fanboy might, just might get excited to see a red Sony Reader pics in the vast spans that is the Internet. They say the red looks great thanks to its metallic, matte finish, but it

RIYL: Hatin' On Sony's Reader

yesterday is dead in the water. Oh, wait, maybe it does. Or at least so says David Rothman over at TeleRead as he compared it to the Edsel, an automobile failure beyond compare in 1958. His key argume