Sony PSP

  • Sony considering download rental services for PSP?

    Let’s not jump the gun, but a survey released by TNS Interactive hints that Sony might be considering a subscription-based game download rental service. Proposed pricing for a month would be $20 with a yearly subscription of $50 or $13 for a week. It’s just a survey and basically means nothing at this point, but would you be down for renting PSP games? Read More

  • EA founder Trip Hawkins says iPhone causing Sony, Nintendo to ‘freak out’

    Trip Hawkins founded Electronic Arts in 1982. Then he left. In 2003 he started a new game development company called Digital Chocolate. In 2009 Hawkins finally realized that the iPhone is useful to game developers, so much so that Nintendo (DS) and Sony (PSP) are “freaking out.” Well! Read More

  • Patapon 2 to be released digitally for the PSP, no more UMD

    Lending credence to the rumor that Sony is doing away with the UMD drive on the next PSP comes word, beit rumor, from Ars that Patapon 2 will only be released digitally next month. You can, however, pick up physical product at your local game shop, though. Or so says Ars’s mole. In total, there are three ways of getting Patapon 2 for your PSP. Read More

  • Colorful PSP-3000 gets a racy TV spot

    Japan is getting a set of four colorful PSP’s this month and the set now have their very own TV commercial. Why do you care? Eh, I don’t know, but the 15 second video is slick and worth watching. It’s after the break. Read More

  • Sony PSP firmware 5.05 is out, sort of

    There’s a new PSP firmware update lurking around and it remains to be seen if it will be pushed out to everyone. Read More

  • Sony adds four new and shiny colors to the PSP lineup (in Japan)

    Sony Japan today announced the “Carnival Colors” collection of PSP-3000s [JP], which will go on sale in Nippon starting March. The new colors are “vibrant blue”, “radiant red”, “bright yellow” and “spirited green”. I don’t know who came up with these names but Sony didn’t say if the new PSPs will ever make it to the US… Read More

  • This PSP 2 render looks better than the real thing

    Once again, the render looks better than the actual product. Specifically, this render for the PSP 2—I emphasize, it’s an unofficial render—looks better than the PSP 3000, the latest revision of the lost-in-this-world PSP. The render, designed by one Tai Chiem, uses a flexible OLED display at the system’s base and works from there: two nubs, stereo speakers that… Read More

  • Tokyo Game Show: Hands on with the PSP-3000 (video)

    Video: Courtesy of DigInfo Sony presented the PSP-3000 to the general public for the first time during the Tokyo Game Show last week. I had the possibility to play “Clank & Ratchet: Maru Hi Mission Ignition!” and “Resistance: Retribution” on the new PSP and the display seemed to be a major improvement. Read More

  • PSP-3000 gets reviewed

    The PSP-3000 may not seem like it’s worth upgrading from the PSP-2000 save for a few cosmetic changes, but it’s the firmware that makes all the difference says Eurogamer. In other words, if you just picked up a PSP there’s no need to have buyer’s remorse. However, the new screen is much “richer, warmer and deeper than the PSP-2000.” The third brightness… Read More

  • Stella Artois-branded PSP: That's a fancy beer, midwesterners

    Stella Artois is a non-offensive beer best consumed while watching non-American sports like the Champions League or the Tri Nations. The Sony PSP is a portable video game system best enjoyed after it’s been loaded with a custom firmware and decked out with emulators and the like. But a Stella Artois PSP? Madness. The PSP isn’t an official Sony product, but rather represents the… Read More

  • FCC spills the beans on the new Sony PSP-3001

    If someone was anticipating an amazingly updated PSP, the PSP-3001 isn’t it. The supposed updates of GPS, 802.11n, Bluetooth, and a mic were nowhere to be found in the PSP-3001 FCC report. So after all the hype, it certainly seems the new PSP-3001 is just a simple hardware refresh. Perhaps meant to keep hackers on their toes and challenge them to crack the new hardware. At least… Read More

  • More Details About the Upcoming PSP

    The new thinner, lighter PSP from Sony will contain a few subtle changes, according to some guy who’s name starts with a zero. There’s a TA-085 PCB motherboard which can be used for homebrew apps, double the memory, USB charging, video output, a smaller battery (same battery life, though), and the WLAN switch is now on the top of the unit. Read More

  • PatentMonkey: Sony Interoperability is in the Game

    Sony’s seamless game system to mobile device published application has me thinking about the allure of the iPhone and the state of hype in the cell phone industry. Throughout 2007, Sony has had a slew of platform crossing technologies leaked out mostly through patent applications, which end up making for great vaporware, and all possible fanboy excitement has been greatly dampened by… Read More

  • CrunchArcade: Pedal to the Metal

    A sad yet simple fact of life is that most of us won’t ever own, let alone drive, a Ferrari or Porsche. That doesn’t keep us from feeling the need for speed, and wanting to floor it while behind the wheel of a high performance auto. Racing games are almost better than shooters in pushing the limits of video game design. These racing simulations really show off the fast moving… Read More

  • CrunchArcade: Movie Tie-Ins

    In case you weren’t paying attention summer has officially arrived. OK, maybe the kids are still in school, the weather isn’t quite that warm yet and it is still two and a half weeks until Memorial Day. But for Hollywood summer is here. Spider-Man 3 just had the biggest single day record at the box office, and this is just one of several highly anticipated films to be arriving… Read More

  • PSP Firmware Update Enables Remote Play

    If you’re one of the few with a PlayStation 3 and would like to use your PSP for Remote Play, you’re gonna have to download the new 3.0 firmware update. The new update will allow you to view images and stream music from your PSP to PS3, as well as enable the Remote Play feature, allowing you to use your PSP as a controller for the PS3. The new firmware update also has an Auto… Read More