Sony Music

SoundCloud confirms its deal with Sony Music, paving the way for its subscription service’s launch

Streaming music service SoundCloud today announcedĀ that it has finalized a deal with Sony Music, confirming reports from earlierĀ this week citing sources who claimed the deal had finally been done.

Sony Music Tries To Force Creator To Pull Video It Licensed From Him

In the ongoing saga of big companies failing to understand what they are doing on the Internet we point you to Sony Music vs. Mitch Martinez. Mitch is a videographer who makes cool visuals and runs a

With A Budget Almost Cut In Half And 40 Percent Staff Cuts Can The RIAA Survive?

RIAA's budget comes from music labels and distributors because it represents the interests of the music industry. Therefore, it depends on their willingness. TorrentFreak obtained <a target="_blank" h

Apple Zeros In On Deals For Its Cloud Music Service

<img src=""> Apple is furiously negotiating with the record labels to finalize deals which will allow it to stream music from the Internet to