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  • Xperia Arc Comes To US Without Carrier Support

    Xperia Arc Comes To US Without Carrier Support

    Ever since it was first spotted this past winter, we’ve wondered how long it would be before we’d have an Xperia Arc of our own to not notice in our pockets. For months rumors flew about which U.S. carrier would be lucky enough to nab the svelte smartphone, with AT&T emerging as the fan favorite. Well, summer has come, and so has the answer — the Xperia Arc is… Read More

  • Touchnote inks global deal with Sony Ericsson for postcard app

    Touchnote, the mobile app startup which allows you to snap a picture and send it to someone as a physical postcard, has signed a non-exclusive deal with Sony Ericsson which will see it distributed on SE handsets on a global basis. The deal means the Touchnote-branded app will appear on SE’s Android and Symbian handsets and integrated into the camera and gallery. On first use users will… Read More

  • Sony Ericsson's shift to WinMo about diversification

    Some people were surprised to hear that Sony’s gonna start using Windows Mobile here and there, most notably on the upcoming XPERIA X1 — or what I like to call “The Moist-Maker” because it looks dead sexy. When prodded for an explanation as to why Sony’s suddenly taken a shine to WinMo, a company spokesperson tactfully explained that it’s all about… Read More