• Sony BMG to sell DRM-free MP3s on AmazonMP3

    [photopress:sonybmgamazon.jpg,full,center] Sony BMG will sell its music DRM-free on the AmazonMP3 store by the end of the month. This is the second move for Sony BMG in the DRM-free MP3 business. Last week, it announced that it would be selling DRM-free MP3s at retail stores (for largely the same price as CDs). More validation for that rumor, then. There’s two winners here. The first… Read More

  • Amazon Completes DRM-Free Roster With Sony-BMG

    For anyone who was bummed about the hoops they were going to have to jump through to get DRM-free songs from Sony-BMG artists, by the end of the month you will be able to download those songs at Amazon’s MP3 store. A couple days after announcing a weird plan with physical retailers to distribute DRM-free music that will require people to buy a plastic stored value card first and… Read More

  • Sony BMG to sell DRM-free music at retail stores, dubbed Platinum MusicPass

    Make your own joke Sony, riding on a high after Warner’s decision to exclusively back Blu-ray, has used CES to announce Platinum MusicPass download cards. The cards, which will be available here in the U.S. on January 15, will let music fans download “high-quality” MP3s; they do look to be free of DRM, as we found out last week, since… Read More

  • Sony BMG will drop (some) digital music DRM this year

    [photopress:nonauxdrm.jpg,full,center] Sony BMG is dropping DRM. That makes it the last major record label to (at least partially) do so. The details of Sony BMG’s scheme aren’t finalized just yet, but it’s expected to begin with a promotion (teaming up with Pepsi) during the Super Bowl, beginning on February 3. Pepsi will give away some 1 billion songs during the promotion… Read More

  • Universal getting ready to take down iTunes?

    Universal CEO Doug Morris is looking to partner with Sony BMG and Warner to develop "a new music subscription service that will try to loosen Apple’s grip on the online music market." Read More

  • Sony BMG's First iPod Game: Musika

    Hah, every time Sony releases something iPod-related it reminds that it really dropped the ball as it relates to digital music. Today’s “poor Sony” moment comes to us in the form of an iPod visualizier/game called Musika, the first such app from Sony BMG for the iPod. Designed by the same guy who brought us PaRappa The Rapper, Musika is part visualizer. part game. I have no… Read More

  • Sony BMG, Dada Start Mega Social Network On Your Mobile Phone

    > I realize this has nothing to do with the story, but Dada reminded me of the popular song by Trio Sony BMG and Dada have joined forces to bring next-generation Web and mobile entertainment services that combine a broad range of music content that includes ringtones, video ringers, games, images, themes, full-length audio tracks and video. Previous offerings by Sony BMG and Dada will act as… Read More

  • Inks Deal For Sony BMG Catalog might be the rebel amongst online radio stations, but they just inked a global deal with Sony BMG that will bring a huge collection of popular artists like Avril Lavigne, Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, and The Boss to the Internet radio’s community as well as an extensive catalog of classic oldies.’s fancy recommendation system will serve as a springboard… Read More