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The Sony A9 inches the mirrorless camera market forward

Having a variety of prime, telephoto, macro, sport and the like, all with distinctive shooting characteristics is what give lenses their charm. However, Sony just took Nikon’s spot as number two

Latest Sony Alpha Ad Spot Shows Real Life Geotagging

Sony Alpha Spot from ChezEddy on Vimeo. Oh I get it! That’s not a floating enema bulb but rather a real life representation of a Google Maps marker because the commercial is for an upcoming Sony

Sony's Swivel-Screen α33 And α55 DSLRs Get Pictured

<img src="" />Being a Canon man, I've had little occasion to check out the Sony Alpha series of DSLRs, but honest

Wow: the Sony NEX-3 EVIL camera looks insanely cool (updated)

So back at PMA we caught a glimpse of some rather strange-looking Alpha prototypes. Some time afterwards, we saw some interesting interface concepts. And now — well, now we’re seeing Sony&