• Sonos Update Adds Social, New Android Tablet Version

    Sonos Update Adds Social, New Android Tablet Version

    An update to the Sonos firmware and controller now allows Android users to manage their devices on a Honeycomb tablet in a native slate format, eschewing the original portrait-only Android phone app. The new version supports the Kindle Fire as well. Users can also now Tweet the titles of music they’re listening to right from the app. Read More

  • Xbox Head Robbie Bach Snapped Up By Sonos

    Xbox Head Robbie Bach Snapped Up By Sonos

    Robbie Bach, 22 year veteran of Microsoft and most recently the company’s Xbox division, has moved to Sonos. Sonos head John MacFarlane pulled Bach out of semi-retirement in order to help with their retail presence. Sonos makes audio sharing devices for the home, creating seamless soundscapes in multiple rooms using hardware that, for the most part, surpasses a standard set of… Read More

  • Sonos Announces Play:3 All-In-One HiFi Streaming Music Player

    Sonos Announces Play:3 All-In-One HiFi Streaming Music Player

    If you’re looking for a high-class all-in-one streaming music system, Sonos has you covered. The company today announced the Play:3, a Sonos music player that gives the user access to Sonos’ complete library of streaming music services. Users can control the Play:3 through their Sonos Controller app, available for Android, iPhone and iPad, and the whole thing just costs $299. Read More

  • Spotify Now On Sonos

    Spotify Now On Sonos

    Not to flog a spotted horse, Spotify is now available on your Sonos devices. To add the service to your devices follow these instructions. Read More

  • Video: Check Out BlaBlabLabs' 3D Body Scanner/Printer At TC Disrupt

    BlablabLab and 3D Systems (along with some help from Sonos) set up an amazing exhibit at Techcrunch Disrupt. Essentially, it’s a 3D scanner/printer that grabs a 3D copy of your body and then prints it out into a 3-inch high figurine. It is, in short, magical. Read More

  • Like A Double Rainbow, MOG Comes To Sonos

    If you’re a Sonos fan you’ll be happy to know that MOG, the music streaming service that competes with sites like Spotify, Rdio, and Pandora, has just hit the list of Sonos sources. It is, in short, a double rainbow of music goodness. They’re offering all Sonos users 14-day free trial and new users can get 20% off Sonos bundles with MOG access. You can check it out… Read More

  • Sonos For Android Is Here, Devices Now Support Airplay

    You’ve been waiting and now it’s here: Sonos has just announced the availability of the free Controller on the Android platform. It is compatible with almost all Android phones and tablets and supports the standard Sonos feature set (music assignment, browsing, search) as well as a few interesting additions. The app takes advantage of Android’s native speech recognition to… Read More

  • Sonos Pushes Android Controller App Launch 'Til April

    Got some bad news bears this morning for the dozen or so Sonos owners looking forward to the Android app. (I kid, I kid) The company is not going to make their original “end of March” launch date. Apparently the app isn’t ready yet as the testing took a bit longer than expected. The free app’s launch date is now next month. The company just sent over a short statement… Read More

  • Sorry Mike, No Sonos Controller For Android Until Next Month

    Finally! Sonos To Release Android Controller App In March, exclaimed an understandably excited Michael Arrington back in February. Alas, bad news has just come in for my boss and many other Android handset owning Sonos users. According to the company, testing of the Sonos Controller for Android is taking a bit longer than they’d anticipated, which means they will not make that March… Read More

  • Sonos To Add MOG To List Of Available Music Streaming Services This Spring

    Are you a MOG user in proud possession of a Sonos Multi-Room Music System? Let me make you a happy man or woman: US-based MOG users will have access to the company’s on-demand music service through Sonos later this spring, the companies jointly announced this morning. With the addition of MOG, and recently Rdio and Spotify, the list of available music services is beginning to look like… Read More

  • Thanks To New Feed, Sonos Music System Now Works With The XM Half Of Sirius XM

    The following probably speaks to Sirius XM silliness more than anything else, but what are you gonna do? Sonos’ Multi-Room Music System is now fully compatible with the “new and improved” Sirius XM stream. The system had worked on the Sirius side of things just fine, but now it works on the XM side of things, too. Read More

  • Sonos Launches Sonos Controller For Android

    Everyone’s favorite home music streamer, Sonos, just announced the availability of the Sonos Controller for Android, a free program for managing your Sonos receiver from the comfort of your cellphone. The controller is long overdue as iOS users have had a version of the Sonos system for well over a year. The app will be available in the Android Market in March and will be officially… Read More

  • Finally! Sonos To Release Android Controller App In March

    Ah, Sonos. Once you’ve tried it you never go back. The trouble was that it used to cost thousands of dollars to get your home set up to stream music from any wifi connected hard drive to the Sonos speakers. Here’s my Sonos review from way back in 2006. Then things started to happen. Most notably they released the Sonos ZonePlayer S5, a lower cost Sonos device that could be… Read More

  • How Sonos Got It Right: Up Close With A Survivor

    John MacFarlane had a dream: to send music from one box to every room in the house. In 2002, the only way to do this – sanely – was to run speaker wire from room to room, creating an install headache or a rat’s nest of wires. His company, Sonos, succeeded at sending the audio wirelessly, a feat that has been replicated many times but has never resulted in a product as… Read More

  • Rdio + Sonos = The Perfect Marriage

    Pretty sure 99.9% of you won’t care one bit, but this fills me with joy: Rdio, the music service I was most happy to have discovered in 2010, will soon be available on Sonos, the awesome wireless sound system I was most happy to have discovered in 2010. Scheduled for release ‘later in Q1 2011′, Rdio Unlimited subscibers (that’s me!) in the United States and Canada will… Read More

  • IFA 2010 Video: Yes, That's Spotify Running On A Sonos

    Spotify, the European streaming music service (that’s awesome), recently inked a deal with Sonos to allow the service to work on Sonos’ home devices. Here we have a brief demo of the magic in action. Read More

  • Spotify lands on Sonos home audio systems

    The European music streaming service Spotify has partnered with Sonos, the Californian maker of Wireless Multi-Room Music Systems. This will mean that by the end of this month, Spotify Premium subscribers – the same tariff that enables mobile access – will be able to stream Spotify’s music catalog around the home to a networked Sonos box (or multiple boxes), which is a… Read More

  • There's Some Spotify In My Sonos

    Great news for Europeans and those few U.S. users of music streaming service Spotify. Sonos, creator of the super cool (my descripton) S5 music player, is announcing today that users will soon be able to listen to streaming Spotify music through their Sonos devices. That means users will now be able to listen to music files stored on any computer in their home as well as Spotify, Rhapsody… Read More

  • Sonos announces iPad app

    I’ve always had a soft spot in my necrotic heart for Sonos. In the face if iPods, Zunes, mobile phones, and everything else, they’ve kept pumping out great, compact products for folks with big houses. They’ve never pretended to be too high-class for the rest of us yet you basically use their products to create soundscapes, just like Disney World, Vegas, and the haunted house… Read More

  • Hands On With The Awesome New Sonos iPad Controller [Video]

    Hands On With The Awesome New Sonos iPad Controller [Video]

    Sonos stopped by our office in San Francisco today to show off their newest toy: the iPad controller app. Those familiar with the iPhone/iPod touch version of the controller will feel at home here, though obviously the larger screen allows Sonos to do some more creative music management things with the UI. It looks to be a pretty killer way to manage multiple Sonos systems throughout your home… Read More

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