• Thanks To New Feed, Sonos Music System Now Works With The XM Half Of Sirius XM

    The following probably speaks to Sirius XM silliness more than anything else, but what are you gonna do? Sonos’ Multi-Room Music System is now fully compatible with the “new and improved” Sirius XM stream. The system had worked on the Sirius side of things just fine, but now it works on the XM side of things, too. Read More

  • Sonos Launches Sonos Controller For Android

    Everyone’s favorite home music streamer, Sonos, just announced the availability of the Sonos Controller for Android, a free program for managing your Sonos receiver from the comfort of your cellphone. The controller is long overdue as iOS users have had a version of the Sonos system for well over a year. The app will be available in the Android Market in March and will be officially… Read More

  • Finally! Sonos To Release Android Controller App In March

    Ah, Sonos. Once you’ve tried it you never go back. The trouble was that it used to cost thousands of dollars to get your home set up to stream music from any wifi connected hard drive to the Sonos speakers. Here’s my Sonos review from way back in 2006. Then things started to happen. Most notably they released the Sonos ZonePlayer S5, a lower cost Sonos device that could be… Read More

  • How Sonos Got It Right: Up Close With A Survivor

    John MacFarlane had a dream: to send music from one box to every room in the house. In 2002, the only way to do this – sanely – was to run speaker wire from room to room, creating an install headache or a rat’s nest of wires. His company, Sonos, succeeded at sending the audio wirelessly, a feat that has been replicated many times but has never resulted in a product as… Read More

  • Rdio + Sonos = The Perfect Marriage

    Pretty sure 99.9% of you won’t care one bit, but this fills me with joy: Rdio, the music service I was most happy to have discovered in 2010, will soon be available on Sonos, the awesome wireless sound system I was most happy to have discovered in 2010. Scheduled for release ‘later in Q1 2011′, Rdio Unlimited subscibers (that’s me!) in the United States and Canada will… Read More

  • IFA 2010 Video: Yes, That's Spotify Running On A Sonos

    Spotify, the European streaming music service (that’s awesome), recently inked a deal with Sonos to allow the service to work on Sonos’ home devices. Here we have a brief demo of the magic in action. Read More

  • Spotify lands on Sonos home audio systems

    The European music streaming service Spotify has partnered with Sonos, the Californian maker of Wireless Multi-Room Music Systems. This will mean that by the end of this month, Spotify Premium subscribers – the same tariff that enables mobile access – will be able to stream Spotify’s music catalog around the home to a networked Sonos box (or multiple boxes), which is a… Read More

  • There's Some Spotify In My Sonos

    Great news for Europeans and those few U.S. users of music streaming service Spotify. Sonos, creator of the super cool (my descripton) S5 music player, is announcing today that users will soon be able to listen to streaming Spotify music through their Sonos devices. That means users will now be able to listen to music files stored on any computer in their home as well as Spotify, Rhapsody… Read More

  • Sonos announces iPad app

    I’ve always had a soft spot in my necrotic heart for Sonos. In the face if iPods, Zunes, mobile phones, and everything else, they’ve kept pumping out great, compact products for folks with big houses. They’ve never pretended to be too high-class for the rest of us yet you basically use their products to create soundscapes, just like Disney World, Vegas, and the haunted house… Read More

  • Hands On With The Awesome New Sonos iPad Controller [Video]

    Hands On With The Awesome New Sonos iPad Controller [Video]

    Sonos stopped by our office in San Francisco today to show off their newest toy: the iPad controller app. Those familiar with the iPhone/iPod touch version of the controller will feel at home here, though obviously the larger screen allows Sonos to do some more creative music management things with the UI. It looks to be a pretty killer way to manage multiple Sonos systems throughout your home… Read More

  • The Sonos S5 is now available in black

    Just a quick FYI: The Sonos S5 is now available in both white and black. It’s still the same $399 price and loaded with all the wireless music goodies. Read More

  • Venture Funding Doubled To $12.8 Billion In First Quarter

    Venture Funding Doubled To $12.8 Billion In First Quarter

    Venture capital is flowing once again to startups at a steady pace. During the first quarter of 2010, the total value of venture funding doubled to $12.8 billion from $6 billion a year before, when it was scraping the bottom of the barrel. However, the funding amount is down 16 percent from the $15.3 billion in the fourth quarter of last year, based on an analysis of CrunchBase data. Some of… Read More

  • Sonos Confirms $25 Million Investment From Index Ventures

    Sonos has now confirmed the Index Ventures investment we reported two days ago. The company has taken an additional $25 million in capital from Index, raising the total raised by the company to $65 million. And Index Ventures Partner Mike Volpi, a former CIsco executive, has joined their board of directors. The funds will be used for growth equity, says the company, which signals that they… Read More

  • Sonos To Take Investment From Index Ventures, Add Mike Volpi To Board Of Directors

    Sonos To Take Investment From Index Ventures, Add Mike Volpi To Board Of Directors

    Sonos, the Santa Barbara, California based startup that develops of wireless multi-room music systems, is taking a new round of financing from London-based Index Ventures, we’ve heard from multiple sources. Partner Mike Volpi, a forcer Cisco exec who found himself in the middle of a huge drama last year around eBay’s Skype spinoff, will join the board of directors of Sonos. Volpi… Read More

  • Sonos s5: Mo' money, mo' powerful wireless speakers

    If you’re familiar with the Sonos system, then there isn’t too much news here. In fact, there’s not too much news even if you don’t know what Sonos does. Let me break it down for you: the Sonos system is a nice, comprehensive wireless music system for your house that you can control via your iPhone. If you haven’t heard of it before and you’re wondering how… Read More

  • Comprehensive hands-on with the Sonos CR200

    What we have here is the Sonos CR200 controller that was leaked a couple weeks back. By now, I’d imagine most of the CG audience is familiar with Sonos and what they’re all about, so I don’t really need to dive into that. All you really need to know about the CR200 is that it features a 3.5-inch capacitive VGA touch-screen and has a kickass keyboard. Just check out the video… Read More

  • Sonos CR200 controller coming soon

    Boy oh boy did I love reviewing the Sonos Bundle 150. The Sonos multi-room home audio solution is superb. One wart to the system was the controller: the scrollwheel was a little cumbersome for some actions, not to mention outrageously expensive as a stand-alone component. Looks like a new touch-screen controller is due out soon, though, which should remove one complaint from my review. Or you… Read More

  • Linksys announces Wireless Home Audio System, another wireless audio toy for rich people

    Unless you’re down to hobble your own crazy homebrew set-up, tinkering with wireless audio systems is a damned expensive hobby. Everytime I read about these products, I imagine some rich old dude tango’ing himself around his mansion with a rose in his teeth and an air-partner in his arms. Linksys’ just announced “Wireless Home Audio System” is an obvious attempt at… Read More

  • Review: Sonos Bundle 150 with loudspeakers (and more)

    We’ve reviewed a lot of home audio solutions, and they all offer different benefits and drawbacks. The big trend is “music everywhere”, whether through powerline networking or wirelessly. Most of these products require a specific music source to feed into the system. Sonos brings something rather more complete to the goal of “music everywhere”. Read on for… Read More

  • Sonos launches iPhone, iPod Touch app

    Those of you with Sonos equipment already filling your abode with the sweet tunes of your music library and an iPhone or iPod Touch should promptly hit up Apple’s App Store and download their free app now. It may or may not be available right this second, but it should make its way to the App Store sometime today. There are two other Sonos apps currently available but they want you to… Read More